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Agile ConnectLink™


New Institutions & Search Tab

ConnectLink does not automatically create accounts when running bulk updates. There are two ways to create accounts using the integration:

  • New Institutions Tab: This tab is designed to import new institutions within your data lease that are new to the Agile dataset since the last time you imported institutions. We recommend that this process is run monthly in order to have the newest institutions and their associated personnel. Note: After the initial data match, Agile will provide you a flat file of missing accounts to do a one time import. The initial Last Import Date can be set to the date that this file was imported.
  • Search Tab: This is a way for users to import institutions on a one-off basis by searching for them with either the zip code, city/state, or name/state. 


Note: If the ConnectLink Key of the institution already exists in your Salesforce org, a View link displays instead of a checkbox. You can use this to view the existing record. Duplicates will not be created even if they are listed.

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