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4 Ways to Succesfully Sell to Schools

Your success in selling into schools is impacted by robust and quality data, insightful reporting, relevant creative and use of the right mediums. Hear about our latest innovations across these four key areas. Learn from our experts the proven best practices for improved effectiveness in selling in to schools.

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The Power of the Ecosystem: From Contact to Close

aunching a solid marketing campaign involves proper customer segmentation, channel planning and assets. However, in a world where attribution models are still difficult to develop, last click/touch attribution often steals the credit for a transaction.

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34 minutes ago

Agile Education Marketing
Don't miss out on the latest 2-month update. Get informed on the changes to personnel, email addresses, and schools that can positively impact your business. Check out the March/April update here. Want this information sent directly to your inbox? Fill out the form and never miss an update!#educationmarketing #edtech #k12data ... See MoreSee Less
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Calling all school leaders! Discover actionable strategies to alleviate teacher stress and promote a healthier work environment. This must-read article from EdWeek highlights what you can do to support your educators. Since 2020, an education leadership professor at the University of North Carolina-Charlotte, and their colleagues have tracked the links between teacher stress and school climate among nearly 2,000 elementary and secondary teachers in a large, diverse suburban school district. Let's prioritize teacher well-being for better student outcomes: #EducationLeadership #TeacherWellness #StressRelief #SupportingEducators #EdWeek #agile #edintel ... See MoreSee Less
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How do you know that a student is learning? This is a fundamental question for educators. Traditionally, tests are given, and the student earns a certain percentage. That percentage is then equated to a letter grade. However, does that grade or percentage really capture whether or not students understand concepts or standards? Explore alternative assessment methods and discover how moving away from letter grades can foster a more holistic approach to education. Don't miss this opportunity for a fresh perspective: #Assessment #AlternativeGrading #HolisticApproach #AgileEd #edintel ... See MoreSee Less
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Discover the benefits of flexible school year calendars in improving student retention and renewal from the educator's perspective! Check out our insightful article and learn how innovative calendar approaches can relieve and enhance educational outcomes. Teachers approve, and so do students and their parents. What do you think? #SchoolCalendars #StudentRetention #Innovation #AgileEd ... See MoreSee Less
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If you’re struggling to understand the purchasing process of Higher Education institutions, you are not alone. Deciphering the complex decision criteria and diverse stakeholders in this market can feel like cracking an impossible code. But don't lose hope! The key to success isn't out of reach, as long as your marketing and sales approach is grounded in a clear understanding of how the Higher Education market operates. Learn more about how Agile can help, and download our eBook Guide today: ... See MoreSee Less
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Calling all data enthusiasts and education professionals! 📊🏫 Check out this must-read article from Agile on "The Data Talk." Gain valuable insights into the power of data in education and how it can drive informed decision-making.Don't miss out on this informative resource. Click the link below to dive into the world of education data: #DataDrivenEducation #InformedDecisionMaking ... See MoreSee Less
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