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Connecting With Educators Through Social + Digital Marketing (Part 1): With Kassidy Krown

Connecting With Educators Through Social + Digital Marketing (Part 1): With Kassidy Krown

Video Series Part One Released On: Wednesday, 2.1.23
Webinar Hosts: Kassidy Krown (Director of Digital Marketing and Advertising) 
Provided by Agile Education Marketing

In The First Installment Of This Video Series, Kassidy Will Discuss:

  • Why organizations need to incorporate Social and Digital Marketing into their business strategy and why Social and Digital Marketing is such a critical component of a business’s marketing strategy.
  • What goes into developing an impactful Digital Marketing and Advertising approach and strategy.
  • Some examples of organizations doing Social and Digital Marketing right.
  • Best practices for planning and executing a successful Social and Digital campaign strategy.

Kassidy Krown is the Digital Advertising Manager for Agile Education Marketing, supporting clients in reaching their marketing goals through strategic planning, execution, and analysis of social and digital campaigns. Prior to joining the Agile team, Kassidy served as the Marketing and Public Relations Manager for a large public library system. She is passionate about reaching individuals where they are and connecting them with wanted and needed resources. Kassidy holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and International Studies from the University of Southern Indiana, a Master of Library and Information Science degree from Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis, as well as the Certified Digital Marketing Professional certification from Digital Marketing Institute and the Professional Certified Marketer certification from the American Marketing Association.

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In The Upcoming Installments Of This Video Series, Kassidy Will Discuss:

  • Overview of the importance of audience segmentation in social and digital advertising
  • Real-world examples of successful campaigns through segmentation.
  • The different types of audience segmentation and how to use audience personas to build those audience segments.
  • Tools and platforms for collecting and analyzing data, retargeting and remarketing strategies, aligning ad content with audience segments, and overall optimizing campaigns for long-term success 

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