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Data Anytime. Anywhere.

Educator Access
On Demand

Searching for a list of principals in a specific district or need a list of public school administrators in the U.S.? Prospector makes that possible. You can build, download, and deploy to your targeted list based on your criteria and your budget.

Education Market Access

Enhance Your Strategy with Prospector

Don’t wait to upgrade your prospecting efforts. Prospector gives you immediate access to Agile’s educator database at an affordable price, so you can get started today!

Comprehensive Education Data

Select from 375,000+ Pre-K, K-12, and Higher Education institutions, 7.4+ million education professionals, 9,000+ public libraries, and 32,000+ public library personnel.

Self-Serve Access

Efficiently create and download targeted direct mail, email, and telemarketing lists from any device, any time of the day or night.

List Segmentation

Refine your list by demographics, including the type of institution, grade level, state, and job title for more precise and effective targeting.

Record Updates

Receive free updates to your list for 60 days. For a full 12 months after purchasing, you can choose to buy new records added to Agile's database since you originally created your list—keeping your data up-to-date with new prospects.

*Prospector lists are for use by sales and marketing professionals. If you require more customized selects, segmentation, targeting, or richer demographics and firmographics, please contact a consultant.

Not Sure Where to Start?

Easily assess the breadth and accuracy of your database with AgileInsight’s self-serve automated Data Health Report.

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