Agile Education Marketing is the leading data intelligence provider focused exclusively on this dynamic market.

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At the intersection of market intelligence and business, our clients accelerate their reach in to schools and districts through innovative programs built on database intelligence, data services, targeted outreach, and multi-channel optimization.

We strive to provide superior data, flexible solutions and cost-effective programs so our clients achieve the growth they need, on their terms, with a partner who delivers.

Leadership Team

Making an impact in education marketing since 2009.

Education is always evolving and so are we. Changing the idea of data by changing the way you look at it. We create and innovate solutions made for the education market, to make educators and students better.

Education impacts all of us.

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Verlan Stephens
Verlan Stephens
Managing Partner

We lead with SUPERIOR DATA

An expert in data compilation & data analysis, Verlan specializes in making meaning of data – as a Managing Partner at Agile Education Marketing and one of its founders he brings his passion and expertise in data trending and market intelligence to our clients.

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, Computer Science emphasis | Boise State University

Educators outpace the general public with social media use! Social is a great way to get your message in front of more of your prime targets more often, when you add targeted social advertising to your channel mix.

Ryan Fox
Ryan Fox
Director of Digital Product Development


An expert in digital product strategy and development, Ryan’s innovative thinking and leadership has helped transform how organizations market and sell their products and services, moving them from relying on tradeshow and word-of-mouth advertising to utilizing cutting-edge digital and interactive marketing products to boost their bottom line.

Bachelor of Science in Marketing and Computer Information Systems and a Master of Business Administration and Digital Media Management from St. Edward’s University in Austin, Texas.

Always-on access to updated information and market knowledge is the foundation of strategic planning, effective marketing and sales team productivity. AgileConnect offers marketing automation and CRM integration and our Data Explorer tool gives sales teams on demand access to the latest contact information.

Bob Dell
Bob O’Dell
Founder and Managing Partner


Market-driven, customer-focused and with an understanding of the bottom line, Bob works closely with sales, staff and clients to identify the key issues in growing and re-engineering our data services offerings.Bob has been recognized for his innovative thinking and leadership, receiving awards from both McGraw-Hill and Dun & Bradstreet.

Ph.D. in Instructional Technology | Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan.

Working with our team of experts you receive recommendations based on over a decade of education marketing experience and get tailored, individualized advice on reaching your goals and objectives. From messaging and selling strategies to real-time reporting and analytics tools, you stay in the know and have the information to iterate, experiment, and improve your campaigns.

Lana Henningsen
Lana Henningsen
Director of Client Success & Information Services


Lana applies her more than 20 years of education market experience to analyze and optimize client and educator data. She spearheads the Agile software development team and leads the account management.

Bachelor of Science Engineering in Computer Science University of Connecticut | Formerly Vice President of Engineering, leading projects for major players in education, from Holt, Rinehart and Winston to Prentice Hall and served as senior project manager with AOL, Scholastic, Putnam Investments, and state agencies.

Creating a long-term business relationship with our clients is the primary goal of any agreement. I work with our account team and our clients to ensure we are putting together the right combination of services, access to data and reporting to achieve our clients goals.

Dave Cohen
Dave Cohen
General Manager


As General Manager, Dave is charged with corporate governance and strategy, along with oversight of Agile’s finance, operations, legal, and human resources departments.

Formerly General Manager at Scholastic, Inc., QED. Masters of Business Administration | Florida State University

Creating engagement with your primary targets requires a balance between relevant, tailored messaging and technically innovative processes. If you want the most current and innovative delivery methods for your messages, partner with Agile.

Liz Acton
Elizabeth Burkhardt
Director of Marketing


An expert in designing programs that leverage technological innovation and high-impact messaging, from CRM systems to marketing automation to old-fashioned data analysis.

BSBA from the University of Arizona and certifications in ADKAR Change Management and Executive Leadership from the Center for Creative Leadership. A founding member of the Phoenix Marketing Cartel and serves on the board for the Phoenix One Foundation.

As a start-up, it’s important to be open to many possible paths to success, while keeping your spend at an appropriate level. I always advise the newest education startups to take advantage of our Prospector tool – this is a cost effective tool for experimentation while you figure out what your recipe for success.

Scott Brooks
Scott Brooks
Vice President, Corporate Development

An experienced entrepreneur, Scott has launched and sold a successful software company to IBM, built and ran software and services practices and served as a key member of leadership for several tech data companies.

Formerly Vice President of Corporate Business Development at Critigen and then Managing Director at Afferion, his career began in the database products area within IBM Labs. Degree in Computer and Information Sciences and Support from Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario.

The account team members at Agile Education Marketing bring decades of business and education market experience to our clients. I have seen the greatest success when our clients collaborate and take advantage of the knowledge and experience of our people.

Derek DallmannDerek Dallmann
Vice President of Sales

In his current role, Derek leads Agile’s sales team in helping organizations build brand awareness within the education community and engage with educators through multi-channel marketing that generates leads and drive conversions. He has held sales and leadership positions with Quality Education Data (QED), Scholastic, and Market Data Retrieval (MDR). He joined Agile Education Marketing in 2016.

BA in Education and History from Luther College in Decorah, Iowa. MBA from Tippie College of Business at the University of Iowa.