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Data Anytime. Anywhere.

Supercharge Your Prospecting

Whether you’re planning a campaign, preparing for a meeting, or mapping out sales calls, access to critical information you need—when you need it—is vital. Look no further than Data Explorer—Agile’s easy-to-use data and analysis tool for education solution providers.

Targeted Segmentation

Analyze market potential and pull targeted lists based on criteria, like Title I, Job Title, and Grade Span, ensuring your outreach is laser-focused and effective.

List Pulls

Fiter by demographic and geographic variables, including all K-12, ECE, Higher Ed, and Library job titles. Accessible 24/7 with no minimum order fees.


Eliminate wasted efforts on outdated contacts or irrelevant leads. With Agile’s continual updates, you can count on accurate data, no matter what time of year.

Not Sure Where to Start?

Easily assess the breadth and accuracy of your database with AgileInsight’s self-serve automated Data Health Report.

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