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Omni-Channel Marketing
Integrated Digital Strategy
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Unified Marketing Across Digital Platforms.
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How It Works.
Omni-Channel Marketing is a customer-centric strategy where all a brand’s communications work together to educate and empower the customer to be an informed participant in the sales process.

Same Goal, Same Job

Leverages multiple channels to achieve one goal with a consistent, aligned approach.


Designed around the customer's point of view to deliver a personalized experience that drives increased engagement.

Adapts + Responds

Engagement tracked in real time, informing weekly audience updates to increase traction and conversions.

Meets Customers Where They Are

Ensures consistent visibility and awareness across preferred information channels.

Engagement Features

Partnering with Agile for your digital marketing lets you harness the growth power of omni-channel strategy to amplify momentum toward your business goals. 

Agile Data Foundation

Custom audience segments built from our database of over 7 million educators

Audience Updates

Campaign audiences updated weekly to ensure precision + eliminate advertising dollars spent on inactive or outdated recipients

Performance Analytics

Continuously updated client dashboard tracking overall campaign performance + detailed breakdowns of individual ad groups or ad sets

Optimization Strategy

Bi-weekly strategy meetings with dedicated Agile digital advertising team to evaluate + optimize

Flexible Engagement Models

At Agile every omni-channel partnership is customized to the client’s vision and based on an engagement model optimized to their business needs. With three flexible partnership options, you choose the approach that best fits your needs.


Client Profile /
Existing in-house digital marketing resources > Seeking education data license
  • Strategy Coordination
  • Agile Data License
  • Status Check-Ins


Client Profile /
Existing marketing strategy > Seeking execution + deployment support
  • Strategy Collaboration
  • Campaign Creation
  • Deployment, Tracking + Reporting
  • Continual Optimization


Client profile /
New to omni-channel digital marketing > Seeking full-service engagement support
  • Strategy Development
  • Hands-On Management
  • Deployment, Tracking + Reporting
  • Weekly Optimization
  • Creative Services Option
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