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We know that great data alone only goes so far. Agile data products remove barriers to entry and action with frictionless access to our robust data collection. Leverage Agile integrations or our on-demand market research tools to enhance your strategy today. 

Directly link your accounts, contacts, and leads to Agile’s database with our marketing automation integrations.

Effective + Affordable Outreach Targeting

Prospector Lists On Demand

Define Your Target Audience NowDefining Your Target Audience With Prospector Lists On Demand

Searching for a list of Principals or looking for a list of Administrators nationally? Prospector quickly delivers email, direct mail, or telemarketing lists for K12 or HE institutions and personnel.

Prospector will be your most effective and affordable marketing tool for your sales and marketing teams so they can build, download, and deploy based on your criteria and your budget.


The most robust, flexible, and cost-effective option to search, analyze, and use education data

Does Your Database Need a Health Check?

Easily assess the breadth and accuracy of your database with AgileInsight’s self-serve automated Data Health Report.

What's Right for You?

Check out our comparison breakdown to determine the specific level of data access that fits your organization’s goals and budget. 

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Whether you already know the outcomes you’re targeting or you’re still in research mode, you can connect directly with an Agile consultant to get the answers you need to reach your goals.

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