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Our data compilation methodologies are unsurpassed in the education market. Learn more about how Agile is the only data provider which conducts two comprehensive district-level updates annually…

Find out how you can streamline the process with several customizable data integration solutions for popular systems like Salesforce®, Hubspot, Marketo, and Eloqua

Agile’s full-time job is keeping our database current & making meaning out of all available data.  With more than 6 million educators in the U.S. there is a lot of data to deal with in this market. You can count on Agile to not only provide you with the freshest data but also help you keep your own in-house data up-to-date.

With an optimized channel mix you will reach the right customers at the right institutions to intelligently grow your business.

Their data integrity is superior and they help us use it in innovative ways. Agile is just more flexible and cost-effective than the larger, older data providers. They work with our systems and processes rather than trying to make us fit into their mold.


Javier Encinas,
VP Marketing
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Agile is the success machine, behind the scenes, for organizations in the business of education.

Agile is the only data provider which conducts two district-level updates annually, capturing critical changes to district demographic information and personnel over the summer and at mid-year.

With 20 to 25% attrition annually, this process ensures Agile maintains data that is of consistently high quality and has a superb deliverability rate.

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