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Data Is Our Game

Making Data Useful

Well-cultivated data facilitates better decision making and more successful business outcomes. Agile can help you maximize the value of your data by ensuring it remains accurate, up-to-date, and error free.

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How It Works.

Agile’s Duplicate Detection + Enhancement Process reduces marketing automation and CRM record storage costs by eliminating duplicates resulting from multiple data entry sources. This data hygiene practice ensures that your organization can count on information accuracy.

File Match Initiated

Client in-house file matched against Agile's comprehensive institution and personnel databases.

Data File Updated

Inaccurate or out-of-date addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, titles, and/or personnel names updated.

Missing data points filled.

Record Duplicates Identified + Flagged

Duplicates and inactive personnel or closed buildings flagged.

Data Hygiene Maintenance

Client opt-in for recurring data maintenance available, along with additional analysis services, including eProfile and Job Code Analysis.

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Clear Insights Depend on
Clean Data
Success rates of data-driven businesses are undeniable. What’s left unsaid is that the insights driving their success are based on solid, reliable information. Good data hygiene is a powerful part of the equation.

Download Agile’s guide to learn more about best practices for unleashing the power of your data.

important things you should know

Questions And Answers

Yes, and the more information you provide on each customer, the higher the match rate will be.

Yes! When running a match, we can provide stats on possible duplicate counts within your file and offer additional information for you to determine a surviving record.

Agile recommends annually, however if you have the resources and tools available, every quarter, even every month during heavy compilation periods such as back to school, and at the first of the year in January where we see educator turnover.

Agile will work with you to determine the scope of the project, what data will be provided and what you want returned, however the minimum is $500.

Yes, as long as we can match on an active email within our database, we can append the associated building (school/district) information.

Yes, we can work with you to determine what fields will be most beneficial to have in the matched dataset. Agile has over 900 fields we could append or fill in the blank with.

We do a combination of exact and fuzzy matching on multiple fields. In general, we start with the most specific data (think NCES IDs + Institution Name for or email address & name for a contact) and then broaden the search if we still have not found a match. We also standardize your data so we are comparing apples to apples (Street becomes St, hyphens are removed from phone numbers, etc.).

First, we match the accounts. Then, when matching contacts, we narrow the search by first matching personnel within the matched accounts. For contacts, we may also check against our database of teachers at home information which includes email & physical addresses.

If multiple records match to the same Agile record, they will be flagged as Possible Duplicates. This indicator does NOT mean that your records were compared against each other.

Fields used for the match are below:

Accounts: Institution Name, Agile UID (if present), NCES ID, IPEDS IDs, Address/State/Zip (up to 2 addresses per account), Email Domain (explicit or from linked contacts), Website, Phone Number.

Contacts: First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Account Name, Address/State/Zip, Phone Number, and Agile institution and personnel UIDs (if available).

Recommended Fields: If you are unable to provide a full export, here are the recommended fields. Please provide as many of these fields as possible, even if the field is not populated on all records. IMPORTANT: Your unique record ID must be included for you to successfully import match results.

Timing is dependent on size of the files we are matching, the format, and layout of the original data to be matched. A 10-business day turnaround is standard in most cases.

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Easily assess the breadth and accuracy of your database with AgileInsight’s self-serve automated Data Health Report.

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