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Teachers As Frontline Workers (Part 2): With Dr. Sheryl Ziegler (Teachers Quitting)

Teachers As Frontline Workers (Part 2): With Dr. Sheryl Ziegler (Teachers Quitting)

Video Series Part One Released On: Monday, 5.1.23
Webinar Hosts: Sheryl Ziegler (Therapist, Author, Media Contributor, Instructor, Public Speaker, and Podcast Leader) and Commentary by Ali Newcomb
Provided by Agile Education Marketing
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In the Second installment of this video series, Sheryl will discuss:

  • The most important factors contributing to the increase in teachers quitting that should be on Administrators’ radars  
  • The impact of record-high educators leaving the profession  
  • Reasons teachers are walking away from the education field  
  • The impact on students  
  • Ways Schools are reacting to keep studentsLearning on track  

Sheryl, a licensed clinical psychologist who runs an active practice, is also an author, keynote speaker, digital health advisor, and board member and program chair at The Tennyson Center for Children. Dr. Ziegler has appeared as a mental health expert in 100+ news related shows, including The Today Show with Megyn KellyThe Katie Couric Show, CNN, and more. Articles she has contributed to have been featured in The New York TimesThe Washington PostHarvard Business Review, and Parents, to name a few. Her must-read, highly-reviewed handbook for the modern mother, Mommy Burnout, was published in 2018 and has since been translated into several different languages.

In The Last Upcoming installment of this video series, Sheryl will discuss:

  • Emotional, Physical Safety, and Containment in Schools  
  • Real-life examples of proactive and practical measures schools can adopt that positively impact the teachers, students, and families  
  • Clear school policies and agreements with parents on how to communicate- the do’s and don’ts on active and safe communication, including  Administrative support, and teacher training 
  • Pre-conditional for learning and ways to create safety 

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