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Data-Driven Strategy (Part 1): Engaging School 

Decision Makers in a Post-ESSER Environment 

with Mike LeClare and Verlan Stephens

Data-Driven Strategy (Part 1): Engaging School Decision Makers in a Post-ESSER Environment with Mike LeClare and Verlan Stephens

Video Series Part Two Release: 12.15.2023
Webinar Hosts: Mike LeClare (Director of Data Quality and Compilation) and Verlan Stephens (Managing Partner)
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In The First Installment Of This Video Series, Mike and Verlan Will Discuss:
  • Knowing your districts.
  • Key factors that help businesses effectively visualize the current market landscape.
  • Proven strategies for aligning your messaging with a constantly moving target.
  • How to leverage data to craft a winning sales strategy.

Introducing Agile’s Data Quality and Compilation Manager, Mike LeClare, and Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Verlan Stephens. 

As Agile’s Director of Database Compilation + Quality, Mike LeClare specializes in data analysis in the education market. With over a decade of experience, Mike is dedicated to cultivating harmonious and efficient work environments while managing complex information. His expertise lies in conducting meticulous quality control, ensuring data is not only comprehensive and accurate but also actionable and easily accessible. Connecting them with wanted and needed resources. 

Verlan Stephens, a results-oriented executive with over 35 years of expertise specializing in solving data and integration challenges. Currently serving as the Managing Partner at Agile Education Marketing, Verlan brings a wealth of experience in creating, developing, and managing customer solutions across the entire product lifecycle. Verlan’s role at Agile involves a unique blend of technical, business, operations, and customer service leadership. As the education landscape undergoes constant changes in technology and data trends, Verlan ensures that Agile’s solutions remain dynamic and responsive to evolving client needs.

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In The Upcoming Installments Of This Video Series, Mike and Verlan Will Discuss:
  1. Sending the Right Message with Precision Marketing

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