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Agile ConnectLink™


Matching of Accounts and Contacts

There are two buttons/Lightning actions available for accounts and contacts: ConnectLink Account Matching and ConnectLink Contact Matching. Note: For the account matching to function there needs to be a name and a state (either in the standard Billing or Shipping address fields).

If an account has a ConnectLink key already and you use the matching button/action the institution that matches the key will not be shown – a suggestion that the user use the “ConnectLink Sync” function will be displayed as that will pull in the newest data.

If a matching record already exists, the page will give you an option to “View” the existing record and decide whether to Merge the two.

When the user clicks “Sync/Merge” with a record that already exists in the Salesforce database, three things happen:

  • The record that matches (the “existing” record) will be synced with the data from Agile according to field mappings.
    • Any fields that are blank on the existing record that are not blank on the viewed record will be populated with the viewed record data. But the “existing” record is the master and will not have any data overwritten.
    • Any cases/opportunities/contacts will be migrated to the “existing” account and the viewed account will be deleted.
  • If there is a record that is matched in the database that is not part of the client’s data lease, a message will display informing the user that it is not part of their lease and only minimal data will be applied.
  • Educators associated with the account will be imported as contacts or leads based on your educator settings.

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