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Best Practices

Don’t forget about accounts/contacts that you do business with! Agile offers to manage all of your existing records that are outside of your data license.

  • 25%+ turnover year over year in education.
  • Know new/current job roles.
  • Quickly identify domain changes.

See our two month update report for more information on changes made to the Agile database.

  • Use the New Institutions tab for importing new accounts in your license.
  • You can also search and import accounts one at a time on the Search tab.

For more information, see the New Institutions & Search Tab page.

See our two month update report for more information on changes made to the Agile database.

  • DON’T purge personnel or accounts with opportunities/tasks/notes/etc. associated.
  • When prospecting/marketing, exclude inactive personnel from the lists.

See our two month update report for more information on changes made to the Agile database.

For records created by end users, click the ConnectLink Account/Contact Matching button to append a ConnectLink Key and update the new record.

For more information, see the Matching Accounts and Contacts page.

When running title-based reports, use the ConnectLink Roles to account for people with multiple roles.

  • Instead of using standard Salesforce account deduplication rules, use these criteria to create custom rules in order to make the app run more effectively. See image below for an example of what Salesforce identifies as duplicates with the standard duplicate rules.
    • NCES LEAID is the same AND RECORD_TYPE_TEXT = District WITH condition that RECORD_TYPE_TEXT = District
    • OR SCHNO is the same AND RECORD_TYPE_TEXT = Building WITH condition that RECORD_TYPE_TEXT = Building
    • OR FILE_TYPE_TEXT is the same AND RECORD_TYPE_TEXT is the same AND PHONE is the same AND MAILING_ADDR1_PROPER is the same

  • Standard Salesforce account deduplication rules:

Enable Match Educator Records on Email and map Agile’s email address to the standard Salesforce email field for contacts/leads (even if you want to set the preference to Salesforce). This allows the Match Educators on Email setting to work properly.

If preference is set to Salesforce, consider adding a secondary email field, map Agile’s email address and prefer Agile Ed. This allows access to the Agile email if yours bounces or if you aren’t getting engagement.

Install Version 4.6 for the latest functionality.

Don’t forget to add the Report CL Data Problem button to account and contact layouts.

These records are beneficial for several reasons:

  • You’ll still have all the other contact information to reach out to these personnel via postal or telephone.
  • If one of your team obtains the email address before we do, they will have a record that already has a ConnectLink key to add that information to, rather than inputting the entire record.  That saves time for your team and reduces duplication.
  • If an email address becomes inactive (due to a domain change, etc.) the personnel record will not revert to Unlicensed status.
  • Confusion/concern is reduced – we do not want to create the impression that any institution does not have a particular role, or that Agile does not have someone in that role at that institution, when in reality we were only missing the email address for the contact.

If a record is marked “Do Not Update”, the integration is unable to update any mapped fields or the hierarchy. We recommend monitoring the number of records that are marked and unmark the box if they have not been modified by a user in 90 days.

Many clients choose to add corresponding Agile specific fields for contact fields with the preference set to Salesforce (most importantly, email and phone number).

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