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Version 4.7 Release Notes

With version 4.7 of ConnectLink we are introducing several new features that have been requested by our users.
Please use this link to upgrade to Version 4.7.
  • ConnectLink Dashboard feature
    • Series of Dashboards – available from the ConnectLink Dashboards tab in the ConnectLink app.
    • Compares org metrics with data license and the Agile Universe.
    • Series of Reports that power the Dashboards.
    • ConnectLink Metric records – available from the ConnectLink Metrics tab in the ConnectLink app.
    • SchedulableMetrics – a Schedulable Apex Class that should be set to run weekly, preferably after bulk updating is done. This Apex Class must be scheduled in order for the dashboards to update. Schedule to run several days after the Bulk Update is scheduled.

*Requirements for the Dashboards to start reflecting correct data:

  1. Refresh License Data
  2. Run Bulk Update All
  3. After the Bulk Update All job is finished, run Update Dashboards.
  4. Once finished, the Dashboards can be refreshed.
  • Do Not Update Hierarchy checkbox on Account, Contact, and Lead records.
    • Available as a custom field on Accounts, Contacts, and Leads. Parent Account will not update on records with this checkbox field set to true.
    • Action: Add Do Not Update Hierarchy field to account, contact and lead layouts.
  • Email Hard Bounce checkbox on Contact and Lead records.
    • Available as a custom field on Contact and Lead records. Indicates that the standard email address on the record has been hard bounced on the Agile file.
    • Action: Add Email Hard Bounce field to contact and lead layouts.
  • Updated Actions, Bulk Updates, and Settings menus. 
    • Ability to update Accounts, Contacts, and Leads separately.
    • Import All Institutions feature. Please run Bulk Update All after importing missing institutions.
  • Additional bulk update scheduling options.
    • BatchUpdateObjects
      • Institutions and Personnel: the original schedulable job.
    • BatchUpdateAccounts
      • Updates Accounts only.
    • BatchUpdateContactAccount
      • Updates Personnel and adds new Personnel related to existing Accounts. This job upserts Contacts and/or Leads depending on CL’s configuration.
    • BatchUpdateContact
      • Updates existing Contacts only. No new personnel added.
    • BatchUpdateLead
      • Updates existing Leads only No new personnel added.
    • SchedulableMetrics
      • Needed to generate metrics data. Required for dashboards to update.

*Please note: new fields are created with this upgrade:

  • Job: 2
  • Contact: 5
  • Lead: 7
  • Account: 8
  • ConnectLink Metric (new object): 265
  • Batch Update Errors: 2
  • ConnectLink Settings (Custom Setting, which works similar to an object): 1
  • Account Contact Relationship: 3

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