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Agile ConnectLink™


Lead Object

ConnectLink integrates with the lead object as well. There is a separate section for mapping the Lead fields.

This section is used to map any of the fields in the Lead object that you’d like to update from your Agile data license. Note: These fields contain information on both the individual as well as the institution.

There are also options on the “Actions” menu allowing the administrator to determine if new educators are to be inserted as Contacts or Leads.

Converting orphaned Leads to Accounts and Contacts: Once you have converted a Lead, you’ll need to click on the ConnectLink Account Matching button so that you can Sync this new Account with the Agile database.

Select the correct school or district and click Sync/Merge to assign the ConnectLink Key and update the information. The ConnectLink Key will be assigned, and the Account will be synced, all personnel will be loaded for that Account as Leads or Contacts (depending on your setting configuration).

There are four ways to configure the Lead settings, depending on your company’s desired flow of prospects.

1. Import prospects as Contacts if an associated Account exists, otherwise insert as orphaned Leads.

2. Import prospects as Leads associated to Accounts, do not import orphaned Leads.

3. Import prospects as Leads associated to an Account if the Account exists and orphaned Leads if the Account does not exist.

4. Import prospects as Contacts if an associated Account exists, don’t import prospects if Account doesn’t exist, and update Leads with an existing ConnectLink Key.

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