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Agile ConnectLink™


Data Match

The ConnectLink integration requires Agile’s unique identifier to be appended to accounts and contacts in order to update them with the mapped fields. To accomplish this, you will need to export your accounts and contacts (as well as leads if you use them) and post them to our secure FTP site for matching.

  1. From Setup, enter Data Export in the Quick Find box, then select Data Export and Export Now.
  2. Keep the default encoding for the export file.
  3. Select Replace carriage returns with spaces to have spaces instead of carriage returns or line breaks in your export files.
  4. Under Exported Data, select Account and Contact (as well as Leads if you use them).
  5. Click Start Export.
  6. Salesforce creates a zip archive of CSV files and emails you when it’s ready. Follow the link in the email or click Data Export to download the zip file. Zip files are deleted 48 hours after the email is sent. Do not modify the exported files before posting to Agile’s secure FTP site.

After the match is complete, our Database Services team will provide statistics on the match as well as a list of possible duplicates that they have identified. Since the ConnectLink Key is a unique identifier in Salesforce, only one record can have a single key. Typically, our clients will develop criteria for how to assign the ConnectLink Key. These criteria can include things like selecting the record with an email address over one without it, selecting the record that was most recently modified, or the record with the highest confidence match based on our matching algorithm. More than one criteria can be used to determine which record receives the ConnectLink Key. Note: No records will be merged or deleted in your Salesforce org.

After receiving duplicate criteria, our Database Services will provide “Load Files” that can be imported into Salesforce to append the ConnectLink Key to each record.

Lastly, a list of missing institutions (within your license) will be provided to you as a flat file. These can be imported to fill in missing accounts. Note: Contacts cannot be imported unless there is an associated account (orphaned leads are allowed).

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