3rd party data

Strategies for Making the Most of 3rd Party Data

3rd party data can be an incredibly valuable asset for marketers of all types. When it comes to edtech companies and digital marketing specifically, the nature of the market businesses want to target makes 3rd party data sources even more powerful. A highly defined prospect group means 3rd party data can ….

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data insights

How To Find Insights From Data

Having accurate data is vital for extracting valuable insights. However, this is only the first step. Effective and consistent discovery of actionable insight from data requires careful review and analysis. Data analysis and visualization tools are especially useful, and so are the perspectives of well-trained, capable staff members. When it ….

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How You Can Understand and Improve Data Hygiene

Data hygiene is a critical aspect of effective outreach for marketers in the edtech industry. Whether your company has a select group of prospects it wants to connect with or plans for a much broader marketing effort, it needs to ensure its messaging reaches the right people. With a strong and ….

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data clean up

What Are the Benefits of Outsourcing Your Data Clean Up?

Effective data clean up is vital for sound decision-making. The information and insights drawn from data through review and analysis are only possible when that data is fit for use. This complex and time-consuming process requires valuable resources. In many cases, turning to an expert third party to complete the task allows ….

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An Effective On-Demand Demo Campaign

By. Teresa Marchant Before you create an on-demand demo you need to create the demand, and target your potential influencers. This may be a bit trickier with school campus closures due to social distancing. It may feel like summer has come sooner this year.  However, summer is a great time ….

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