Data Integrations

We strive to provide superior data, flexible solutions and cost-effective programs so our clients achieve the growth they need, on their terms, with a partner who delivers.

Make out-of-date data a thing of the past

How often is your CRM or marketing automation system updated with the freshest data? Your sales and marketing teams are only as good as the data they have.  Ensure you have the most accurate daycare center, elementary, middle school or high school teacher, school, and district contact, performance and program data with on-demand access through CRM or marketing automation system integration.

The process of updating existing records and importing new data is no small task but Agile helps streamline the process with several customizable data integration solutions for popular systems like Salesforce®, Hubspot, Marketo, and Eloqua. We can also develop a custom API or use FTP to provide file changes monthly or quarterly so you have complete control over how and when the fields and records in your system are updated based on the unique needs of your business.

CRM Integrations


Update your CRM with just the click of a button

  • Agile ConnectLink provides direct linkage to the Agile database. Using ConnectLink, you’ll:
  • Eliminate the hassle and headaches of data updates and imports.
  • Ensure your sales reps have the most recent contacts, phone numbers and email addresses.
  • Execute more effective marketing campaigns based on current demographics.

Marketing Automation Integrations


Agile provides data integration between  your Hubspot, Eloqua or Marketo  marketing automation system and our  market intelligence database.

Data Explorer


Data Explorer is the most robust, flexible and cost effective option to search, analyze and use education data.

  • Inside sales reps can search for key contacts at schools and districts, and find their phone numbers and email addresses. (Availability of email addresses is based on your subscription plan.)
  • Sales reps on the road can quickly find directions to a school or district office, a college or department, a contact name, or a phone number from their mobile devices.
  • Marketing can generate and export mailing and email lists based on demographics such as Title I%, ethnicity, job title, and grade span.
  • Senior management can run queries to determine market size, sales territories, and growth opportunities.

Data Transfer API


Develop a custom API or use FTP  to provide file changes monthly or quarterly so  you have complete control over how and when  the fields and records in your system are updated based on the unique needs of your business.

  • Your technical team can directly connect to Agile’s database through one of our two APIs.
  • Our Data Update API provides full updates for all of your licensed data for institutions & personnel to all of your major applications, including closed institutions and inactive personnel.
  • Our Lookup API is typically used in your application to assist with user data entry, presenting users selections of up to date building information based on search criteria such as zip, email, or name. A typical use would be for an online entry form where you are asking the educator to identify their school or district.  Using the calls from this API you can immediately link a new customer to the Agile Database. 
  • These APIs can be customized if necessary to return additional data fields.