Accelerate your reach with DATA SERVICES

1.Find Your Ideal Customer.

Agile Data Services Team

Your customer service, account management and sales all rely on one data source for a complete picture. Tap into our decades of experience working with clients to audit their current data management. Get clean data and keep your own in-house data up-to-date with a variety of hygiene and enhancement services.

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2.Update. Append. Enhance.

Agile provides a number of data and analytic services that will maximize the value of your in-house customer and sales data while leveraging the power of the Agile Database.

UPDATE – Update your in-house data with our comprehensive, accurate early childhood, k-12, and higher education data.

APPEND – We can flag the personnel who are no longer there to delete from their systems which saves space limitations in CRM and MA and decrease the “noise” in the contact records.

ENHANCEMENTS – Enhance your data by adding fields like job title, email address, institution demographics, personal demographics (i.e. age, HHI, etc)

The Value of Data Analysis

3.Deep Dashboard Results.


With Agile’s eProfile system you can quickly and easily generate reports, charts and graphs to analyze your customer base by key education market demographics. eProfile provides data insights about your best prospects informing your cohort and look-a-like prospecting initiatives.

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Take your email targeted social campaigns analytics up a notch when you deploy with Agile. eNalysis is a web-based reporting and analytics program that provides a high level view of your email campaign results, plus the ability to drill-down to specific demographic details.

How we do it.

Our data service team has decades of experience and can run duplicate record identification and enhance your existing data file. Custom data services can help you make meaning from your existing marketing, sales, and customer contact and account records.

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