Market Intelligence

Our data compilation methodologies are unique and unsurpassed in the market.

Agile is the only data provider which conducts two comprehensive district-level updates annually, capturing critical changes to district demographic information and personnel over the summer and at mid-year.

With 20 to 25% attrition annually, this process ensures Agile maintains data that is of consistently high quality and has a superb deliverability rate.



Core institutional data.  Comprehensive demographic database of early childhood, K-12,  higher education and library institutions helps you accurately segment and ensures the most up to date address information for travel planning or sample mailings.  Market intelligence including key data points, trends and market information like student enrollment, Title 1 percent and other data to inform your messaging and targeting.

  • Use the eProfile to lease data in certain market segments that look like your best prospects and have the highest propensity to buy.
  • Lease all institutions you don’t have to save you money and building a comprehensive database. We can flag the institutions and names you have, exclude this data, and then lease the rest of your market.



School, District, & System Level Staff.  Comprehensive name and contact database of early childhood, K-12, higher education, and library institutions help you reach educators  at school, at home, and online.

Refine your messaging beyond just the school level and speak directly to the challenges faced by each educator and how you can help. With staff turnover and changing roles, you need to ensure your marketing and sales efforts are getting to the right person every time.

  • Lease all names you don’t have saving you money and building a comprehensive database saving you money. We can flag the names you have, exclude this data, and then lease the rest of your market.



Technology bandwidth and infrastructure.

eRate data from Agile completes the data picture for schools. Now you can target the specific districts that have the network infrastructure, available devices, or available technology funds.

Usage eRate Data

  • Occurance & Type of Connectivity
  • Type & Ratio of devices & equipment
  • Identify Districts with unspent funds

Technology Stats

  • 80% of districts have requested fiber internet connectivity
  • 69% increase in requests for fiber internet service 2015 to 2018



Products, Programs, and Initiatives.  Unparalleled market insight into school district initiatives across the country.

This tool gives sales and marketing teams a powerful indication of the products and methodologies a district has implemented or is interested in for the future.

EdIntel Categories

  • Assessment
  • Communication Systems
  • Device
  • Instructional Methodologies
  • Interactive Technologies
  • Learning Solutions
  • LMS
  • SIS
  • School Lunch and Payment
  • Social Emotional Learning and School Climate
  • Teaching Tools
  • Technology Platforms
  • Website

School Performance Data


Accessible, detailed school performance information, pulled from multiple sources and then formatted to apply to the Agile institutional database.


  1. School Performance Data includes State-specific, ESSA-reported school  ratings ,
  2. ELA, Math and Science proficiency scores for nearly all states; Social Studies and Writing proficiency scores where available 3rd – 8th grade, high school and school cumulative
  3. High school-specific metrics, including  average ACT and SAT scores and  graduation rates*

*Where provided by the state.

School & Public Libraries


Libraries are becoming excellent targets for so many products and services.

The newly created library hierarchy gives you ready access to systems and their main and branch libraries, then gives you details about operational expenditures and revenues as well as the volume and type of circulation and the physical and digital collections.  Additional information to inform your messaging and targeting strategies includes full time staff by role, hours, and programs.

Educators @ Home


Sending email and direct mail to educators at home is a good way to reinforce the promotions they’re receiving from you at school and to stay in contact when they’re out of the classroom during summer and winter breaks. Even if you’re not selling school supplies or curriculum, educators at home are strong prospects for everything from apparel, books and movies to travel and financial products. Educators are spending money in and out of the classroom and Agile can help you reach them  wherever they are.