Email is the best marketing channel to communicate directly and personally with your customers and prospects. Using Agile’s targeted selects and demographic data to segment your list, you can develop highly personalized campaigns that reach educators in school and at home year-round, giving you more ways to engage on a platform that generates strong brand awareness, engagement and leads.

Social Media



At Agile, we do more than just help you place your message, we help to ensure your message is ready for the targeted audience. 

Open the door for more traffic, build awareness with the right people, and drive sales. The education market expertise you’ve relied on for over a decade can now inform your social media campaigns and strategy. Our social media advertising services combined with our experience in education target marketing, help you generate immediate results on social media.

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest
  1. Targeted Social Media Advertising
  2. Management
  3. Insights

Direct Mail


Work directly with clients or mail houses providing the most complete list of educators and institutions.  CASS certification, NCOA, etc. to ensure maximum deliverability and postage cost savings.

  • Send textbook and curriculum samples to the right person – don’t waste money and resources on returns
  • Add a mailing piece for your hottest prospects
  • Use eProfile to uncover your best prospects