How well do you know your customer’s journey?

1.The Optimized Trifecta.

Launching a solid marketing campaign involves proper customer segmentation, channel planning, and assets. Through analysis, profiling, look-a-like targeting, and segmentation you can understand more about certain target groups and tailor your email marketing and social advertising messages. From contact to close – count on Agile to segment, develop, deploy and test strategically.

2.Agile Deploy.

Includes campaign insight, campaign management, reporting, and consultation to help ensure your campaign is a success.

DEMOGRAPHICS: Target specific ages, locations, income levels, and much more!

EMAIL LISTS: Send your email list to run custom ads to your email database. Create repeat sales and new referrals by providing previous lists.

WEBSITE VISITORS: Retarget to increase your rate of conversions. Add retargeting pixels to your website and advertise to recent website visitors.


3.AgileSocial | AgileDirect.


85% of all U.S. educators are on social media and more are joining every day!

  • Pinpoint the audience and reach campaign goals
  • Build faster engagement with lower cost acquisition
  • Drive repeat business from valuable segments
  • Increase your SEO rankings and drive organic traffic
  • Break into new markets through new contacts
  • Increase your customer attribution with solid reporting


Work directly with clients or mail houses providing the most complete list of educators and institutions. CASS certification, NCOA, etc. to ensure maximum deliverability and postage cost savings.

How we do it.

Create repeat sales and new referrals with these targeted campaigns. By leveraging the hundreds of data points available in our market intelligence database ensure your message is relevant and compelling for each targeted audience. Target specific ages, locations, income levels, past online activity or engagement – then send your list and Agile will serve custom social and digital ads to your specific audience.

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