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AgileConnect for Marketo


Onboarding Process

  1. Review the Data Dictionary provided by your Account Manager and return the document marked with the fields you wish to have appended to matched records in Marketo.
    1. You are limited to 47 fields in your account custom object in Marketo.
  2. Please review the Installation Instructions and contact your Account Manager with any questions. It is best to do this before you begin your install.
  3. Once the data selections are complete, the Agile Integration team will set up your installation link. After they have completed the setup which will take 1-3 days, you will receive an installation email from Agile.
  4. At this point, follow the instructions listed in the Installation Guide to finish the setup of the Marketo integration and to begin the match and append process.
  5. Once your steps in the Installation Guide are complete, the following will happen:
    1. That evening, AgileConnect will match to all of the records in your Marketo instance. For those that are matched it will append data from the fields you previously selected. Note: This data will flow into custom fields that are created during the installation process.
    2. We will match records within your org whether they are licensed or not.
      1. Unlicensed records are considered “Managed Records”. Please contact your Account Manager with any questions.
    3. You should be able to see the data in the Database Tab.
      1. Select All People (located under System Smart Lists) —> Click on an individual —> Choose Custom Objects —> Select either agilek12_account or agilek12_contact.
      2. If you don’t see any data under the custom objects, please try a few other names, you have selected a record that AgileConnect did not match to.
  6. See the Functionality and Prospecting pages for more details on how to use your new integration and contact your Account Manager with any questions.

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