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AgileConnect for Marketo




What you’ll need:

  • Marketo user credentials with Admin permissions
  • Marketo license that includes Custom Objects (Innovate or Accelerate)
  • Invitation email that includes link, custom object configuration details

Estimated time to complete: 30-45 minutes

Installing the Application

  1. Create API Only User
  • Log in to Marketo, click the Admin menu item at the top of the page.
  • In the sidebar menu, under Security, click Users & Roles
  • Click the Roles tab
  • Click New Role
    • Role Name: API Role
    • Permissions: Access API
  • Click Create
  • Click the Users tab
  • Click Invite New User
  1. Invite New User
  • Step 1: Info Enter email address, first name, last name, and reason (optional) then click Next.
  • Step 2: Permissions Select API Role and API Only and Next.
  • Step 3: Message Click Send
  1. Create Launchpoint Service
  • In the sidebar Admin menu, under Integration, click Launchpoint
  • Click New
  1. New Service
  • Enter:
    • Display Name: Agile Ed API
    • Service: Custom
    • Description: Agile Ed API
    • API Only User: (user created in previous step)
  • Click Create
  1. Configure Install in Customer Portal
  • Click the link found in the invitation email.
  • Follow instructions to set password.
  • Log in to Customer Portal
  • Click Admin button.
  • In Admin Menu, select Configure Install.
  • Find Client ID and Client Secret
    • Locate the Launchpoint Service created in the steps above and click View Details.
  • Fill in the Client Id and Client Secret values on the configuration page.
  • Find REST URL and Identity URL
    • Go to the sidebar menu, under Integration, click Web Services. In the REST API section, use the Endpoint value as the REST URL and the Identity value as the Identity URL.
  • Fill in the REST URL and Identity URL on the configuration page.
  • Click Save Config
  • After successfully configuring the installation values, you will have access to the Custom Object validation tool.
  1. Create Marketo Custom Objects
  • The Customer Portal’s Instance Fields validation tool gives you the names of the custom objects that need to be created in Marketo.
  • In the sidebar Admin menu, under Database Management:
    • Click Marketo Custom Objects
    • Click New Custom Objects
  • Enter the API Name from the Invitation email in the Create Object form. The Invitation email has the field name ending with “_c.” The Display Name should be entered without the “_c” and it will get automatically added to the API Name Field.
    • Enter a Plural Name.
    • Optionally, enter a description.
    • Set Show in Lead Detail to SHOW
    • Click Save
  • Repeat for all objects listed in the Instance Fields validation tool.
  1. Create Marketo Custom Fields
  • Using the Customer Portal’s Instance Fields validation tool as a reference, you will now create the fields on the custom objects in Marketo. Note: Marketo has a limit of 47 custom fields per object.
  • In the Customer Portal, click on a custom object name to expand the list of fields.
  • The status will show with errors until the fields are created and the object is approved.
  • Do not approve the object until you are finished creating the leadID field.
  • Marketo will automatically create fields for “Created At”, “Marketo GUID”, and “Updated At”
  • Click on Marketo Custom Objects in the sidebar Admin menu, then:
    • Click Fields at the top
    • Click New Field
  • Create the leadID field that will link the custom object to the Person object. The Person object was formerly called the Lead object. leadID is a required field and must be created for each custom object.
    • API Name is case sensitive
    • Be sure to use Data Type: link and Dedupe Field: Yes
  • Create additional fields using the Customer Portal’s Instance Fields tool as a guide for API names and Types. The leadID field is required, but additional fields are optional. You may choose which fields to install based upon your data needs.
    • API Name is case sensitive
    • Do not mark any fields other than leadID as a dedupe field.
  • After creating the fields, you must approve the object.
  • Do not approve the object until the leadId field has been created.
  • On the Marketo Custom Objects tab, in the Custom Object Actions menu, click Approve Object.
  • Click the Approve button to confirm.
  • Repeat steps for each custom object.
  1. Validate Marketo Custom Objects in Customer Portal
  • After you’ve created the custom objects, their leadId fields, and approved those objects, you may now validate your installation.
  • In the Customer Portal’s Instance Fields validation tool, click Refresh Configuration.
  • This tool will compare your Marketo configuration to the expected configuration.
  • Correctly configured fields and objects will display with a green checkmark and success message. Incorrectly configured fields and objects will display with a red X and error message.
  • The Marketo integration will not work correctly until all custom objects and leadId fields are correctly configured. The leadId field is required, but all other fields are optional.
  1. Congratulations, you have completed the setup for your AgileConnect integration. Overnight, the data match will be completed and values appended to the new custom fields. Note: New Personnel are not automatically created upon installation, this requires setting up a query through the Prospecting tool. See the Prospecting page for more information and instructions.

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