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Yes, you need to create custom fields during the installation process.

Agile populates custom fields that were created when the application was installed. The only time that Agile will fill in standard fields is when creating new records through the prospecting tool.

No, you are not able to populate the standard fields with Agile data.

You can reach the Agile data through the custom Account and Contact objects.

No, contacts can only be created through the Prospecting tool.

After installation of the application, the system goes through overnight to match as many records as possible using our proprietary fuzzy matching algorithm.

This indicates that the two (or more) records are duplicates of one another.

You can use this information to initiate duplicate cleanup efforts and merge the records.

The Source value will equal ‘Y’. See Lead Source With a Triggered Campaign for more information.

No, you will need to navigate to building prospecting for school titles and district prospecting for district titles. See Prospecting for more information.

As you add new records to your org (for example, through web forms), the nightly matching functionality will run and update the custom Agile fields.

Once a week (Tuesday night into Wednesday morning), all custom Agile fields will be updated with the latest and greatest data. Additionally, if you have any saved searches set to run automatically, those contacts will be created in this same timeframe. See Prospecting for more information.

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