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AgileConnect for Marketo


Lead Source with a Triggered Campaign

This configuration is optional. Assigning a custom lead source value to records created by the Marketo integration is a recommended best practice.

A few of the benefits are:
● Administrators are able to identify records added by the prospecting feature.
● Smart lists filtered by lead source and other attributes.

Before beginning, you will need to:
● Obtain administrator access to the Marketo instance. The Marketo instance should support Custom Object triggers.
● Decide on a custom source name. It is recommended to use the integration name. This will be referred to as Custom Source Value in the Triggered Campaign instructions.
● Identify the name for the custom contact object associated with the lead. These will be referred to as Custom Contact in the Triggered Campaign instructions.

The custom object will have a field for Source. When the record is created using Prospecting, the value of Source will be Y. For records that previously existed or were created by any other process, the Source value will be blank. Using the criteria Source = Y, we can determine that the source of the record is the integration.

  1. Create Smart Campaign
  • Go to Marketing Activities
  • Right click on a folder in the left nav
    • Select New Smart Campaign
  • Name the campaign (example: “Custom Source Trigger”)
    • Click Create
  1. Configure Smart List Trigger
  • Select Smart List under the Campaign you just created.
  • From the right nav, under “Triggers”, click and drag out the Added to Custom Contact entry. (This name will vary based on your integration.)
  • Select Add Constraint
    • Check the Source field.
  • Set the field constraints: it should be selected with a value of Y. This indicates that the lead was added through Agile’s prospecting tool.
  1. Configure Campaign Action
  • Select Flow under the Campaign you just created.
  • From the right nav, under “Marketing”, click and drag out the Change Data Value entry.
  • For Attribute, select Lead Source. For New Value, enter the Custom Source Value (typically your integration name.)
  1. Activate / Enable Campaign
  • Select Schedule under the Campaign you just created.
  • Click Activate and click Activate again to confirm. Unless the campaign is activated, no updates will be performed.

Now every time a lead is added through prospecting, the Lead Source will be set to the value provided. Verify by prospecting for new leads.

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