Going Back To College During the Pandemic

College students have returned to their educational pursuits. The fall semester has begun in earnest. The major difference between the 2019-20 academic year and the current one is both straightforward and transformational: Students, educators, administrators and staff must all contend with the possibility of a COVID-19 outbreak as the epidemic continues ….

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The Importance of Omnichannel Presence in Edtech Marketing Today

The omnichannel concept is no longer an emerging trend or a topic of debate among marketers, digital strategists and other professionals similarly in tune with the state of electronic — and physical —outreach. It’s now a widely recognized strategy for successfully engaging with prospects and current clients, gathering feedback, promoting new ….

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teacher support

Digital Learning: My new favorite representative(s)

Digital Learning: My new favorite representative(s), and how he/she wooed me in the time of Corona.  By: Craig Perrier Remember when you first started working with schools?  Think back to those days. What parts of your professional self were elevated by the freshness of the job? How proactive were you ….

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virtual vendors - thank you

Dear Village of Virtual Vendors…Thank You!

By. Meredith Biesinger When working with students, there’s a common saying that is familiar to all of us: “It takes a village.” However, it also takes a village of vendors to help educators with virtual learning. I am a better virtual educator because of many vendors! There are many education ….

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accurate data email

Making sure your company has accurate data for the back-to-school

Just like educators and administrators, staff at edtech companies work year-round. Product development, sales outreach, relationship building, creation of marketing campaigns and much more require constant attention. Similarly, the beginning of a new academic year is a special time for education professionals and edtech workers alike. As teachers and admins start a ….

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