Networking for Edtech Professionals

How Important is Networking for Edtech Professionals?


Networking is one of the most powerful tools any working professional can use. With networking, professionals can meet like-minded colleagues with similar values and interests, presenting them with new opportunities in the workspace. Research shows that more than 80% of jobs are filled via networking. Regardless of your working industry, taking time to interact with other professionals is a smart move toward achieving your goals and moving up the ladder. 

Networking for Edtech Professionals
Networking for Edtech Professionals

As an edtech professional, expanding your network is an effective way to gain leads and grow your outreach to teachers and other education decision-makers.

Here are a few examples of ways to network in your industry: 

Get on social media

It’s also a networking platform, providing the opportunity to search for other edtech professionals. This is a great resource to consider when you have a niche question and are looking for someone with a similar background and experience dealing with the same issue. 

Attend conferences designed for your industry 

While the pandemic put in-person conferences on hold for a lengthy period of time, they’re coming back and serve as an excellent opportunity to get out there and meet other edtech professionals who are also navigating marketing during these strange times. Similarly, there are plenty of digital conference opportunities, allowing you to attend from the convenience of your office or even the comfort of your own home. 

Networking for Edtech Professionals
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Take advice from other edtech professionals and coaches. 

Edtech professionals with the same experiences are searching for other like-minded professionals, and some are expanding their outreach by blogging. ISTE recommended following and keeping up with blogs by edtech coaches for inspiration and making connections. For example, in Fagin’s blog, “Diary of a Not-So-Mad Instructional Tech Coach,” she uses it as a place to share helpful information and remind other professionals in her industry to unwind and have fun.

“It’s a good way to network because I’ve noticed that although we’re talking about tools and stuff, a lot of times there’s personal information that helps make a connection. Our jobs are our lives, but it’s not everything that we do.”

No matter how you focus your networking efforts, you need access to the raw data that will connect you with schools and educators. At Agile, we can provide the information you need to contact your prospects and the innovative solutions and cost-effective programs they need to grow and evolve with the education market. 

At Agile, we help edtech companies connect with educators. Learn more about how our tools and resources can help you gain the insights needed to identify and connect with educators and get in touch with our experts today.

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