School is in Session: Supporting Higher Education Institutions

School is in Session: Supporting Higher Education Institutions Colleges and Universities across the country have returned to school. Campuses are buzzing with adult learners who are there to further their education. When we think of the term “back to school,” it often seems to be more applicable to K-12 students. This time of year usually […]

Supporting Educators During the Back-to-School Season

Supporting Educators During the Back-to-School Season The start of the 2023-2024 School Year is here!  Across the nation, educators are experiencing a whirlwind of emotions, a nexus of “to-do” items, and a spectrum of interactions and expectations. Navigating this terrain is necessary – if not urgent – and is bound to establish a legacy your […]

What is Microlearning?

What is Microlearning? Microlearning is one of the latest buzzwords in education. When implemented correctly it can be used to help students become more engaged in their learning. By understanding the basics microlearning is and how to incorporate it into a classroom, you can better help those clients who are still on the fence regarding […]

Micro-Learning Through Digital Platforms

Micro-Learning Through Digital Platforms Education’s timeline was shifted by the COVID -19 pandemic.  Seen as a turning point, practices, policies, and research that existed pre-pandemic have come under scrutiny.  Still, tension between crisis management and reform exists. In short, the goals of leaders during a crisis scenario tends to emphasize the need to minimize damage […]

Let’s Get Digital! Why Micro-learning Works. Let’s Get Digital! 

Let’s Get Digital! Why Micro-learning Works. Let’s Get Digital!  By now, most of us are familiar with Micro-learning. Micro-learning is an educational strategy that refines complex concepts into compact, digestible knowledge. As the term suggests, it presents information in concise, short bursts, each focusing on a specific learning objective. Micro-learning is done in business training in professional […]

Agile Education Marketing ESSA Data

Agile Education Marketing ESSA Data ESSA stands for the Every Student Succeeds Act, a federal law in the United States that governs K-12 education policy. ESSA data refers to the various information and metrics collected under this legislation, such as student performance, school rankings, funding allocations, and educational program effectiveness. Businesses selling products and services […]

Reaching Every Parent Where They Are: Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

Reaching Every Parent Where They Are: Communicate, Communicate, Communicate Communication is critical to any healthy relationship, which is undoubtedly true for schools, students, and parents. It’s no secret that students benefit in several ways when schools make an effort to foster healthy, strong relationships with families. Why is parent communication important? Studies suggest that parental […]

Communication Is Key To Effective Parent Communication

Communication is Key to Effective Parent Communication Communication is the key that opens relationships. As individuals and groups exchange information, both parties send and receive messages. These messages can have a positive or negative impact on further interactions. Over the years, I have learned the importance of effective communication with parents. As stakeholders, you can […]

Effective Parent Communication

Effective Parent Communication Schools are communities. And for communities to function with purpose, be nurturing, and foster innovation, effective communication needs to be at the center. What’s more, communication specifically with parents needs to be a priority. In fact, a 2020 survey conducted by Pew Research produced this finding regarding family engagement: “Information from the […]

Why Summer & Professional Development Are a Perfect Pair

Why Summer & Professional Development Are a Perfect Pair Professional development and personal fulfillment can be accomplished this summer for educators nationwide. We live in a time where learning is at our fingertips, and although teachers enjoy having some time off during the summer season, they are always actively preparing for the next school year. […]

Summer Professional Development Options for Educators

Summer Professional Development Options for Educators Like many educators, one of my summer goals is to earn my professional development credit hours before I head back to school this fall. This allows me to replace hours required by state law for educators. This means I “get” two days off in October. Having the ability to […]

Slide Into Learning This Summer

Slide Into Learning This Summer Summer is finally here! The school year is over, the days are warmer and longer, and the frantic morning rush is paused until August. Amongst all the fun summer plans, from vacations to lounge time at home, there is often a nagging thought in the back of many educators ’and […]

Summer Learning For Students

Summer Learning For Students Today is the last day of school for my students. As a well-intentioned teacher, I gave my students “homework” to complete over the break. Sadly, the majority of my students won’t even crack a book. The reality is that many students will sleep more, play video games, and may rarely leave […]

Summer Learning is Life-Long Learning

Summer Learning is Life-Long Learning Summer is the perfect season to practice one of the most used aspirations in education; life-long learning. However, after a full school year, the temptation to take a learning respite is a real and deserved part of the student and educator’s life. Still, the importance of continuous learning during the […]

Teacher Mental Health

Teacher Mental Health How to boost teacher mental health In the past ten years, it has become more normalized to discuss the importance of mental health, including concepts like therapy, medication, and asking for psychological support when necessary. With the introduction of legislation like the Student Mental Health Helpline Act and the Student Mental Health […]

Teacher Turnover

Teacher Turnover What to Know About Teacher Turnover in 2023 In most industries, it’s important to keep a close eye on workforce turnover rates as an indicator of economic status. For the education marketplace, teacher turnover is more important to watch because of its wide impact on education in America. Within the past three years, […]

ChatGPT Cheating

ChatGPT Cheating What to Know About ChatGPT Cheating The technology of artificial intelligence (AI) is taking the world by storm, and it has definitely found its way into education. Specifically, the chatbot, ChatGPT, has caught the eye of educators and students alike because of its many uses, including the dangerous potential for cheating. If you’re […]

E-Rate Bidding Process

E-Rate Bidding Process When it comes to the E-Rate process, it can be overwhelming and applicants might not be sure where to start. We’ve put together this basic guide about what to know about bidding for resources with the E-Rate program.  What Is E-Rate Bidding? E-Rate programs support schools and libraries to secure funding. “The […]

The First Step in Navigating US EdTech

First Step Advisors Webinar with Verlan Stephens 5/1/2023 Verlan Stephens Managing Partner at Agile Education Marketing Jim McVety Managing Partner at First Step Advisors The scope of opportunity and impact in the United States is immense and intricate, given the presence of more than 13,800 public school districts and the potential to reach and make […]

Moving Away From Letter Grades

Moving Away From Letter Grades How do you know that a student is learning? This is a fundamental question for educators. Traditionally, tests are given, and the student earns a certain percentage. That percentage is then equated to a letter grade. However, does that grade or percentage really capture whether or not students understand concepts […]

Mico-Credentials: Short and Focused Content, With A BIG Impact

Mico-Credentials: Short and Focused Content, With A BIG Impact Micro-credentials in K-12 education are gaining popularity in the education space right now. To understand the basics of this concept, think of the design of a video game. Or, turn on a gaming platform.  Most major games include an accompanying set of badges or achievements. Players […]

Launching (or Upgrading) Schools’ Flipped Classrooms

Launching (or Upgrading) Schools’ Flipped Classrooms The 21st century has introduced an encyclopedia of educational trends, frameworks, and innovations. Collectively, they have attempted to impact nearly every aspect of the K-12 educational experience.  Predictably, some initiatives have gone by the wayside.  Others have endured.  What makes navigating this landscape even more complex is the variety […]

The Data Talk

The Data Talk I told my daughter I needed to write a blog post about using data wisely. She immediately replied, “Make sure to tell them about unlimited data! “I laughed, but then realized that she may have a point. Even though she thought I was talking about her cell phone usage, having multiple data […]

Celebrate Teachers!

Celebrate Teachers! Teacher Appreciation Week is just around the corner. This is a treasured time, not because of the gifts received but because it’s nice to be appreciated.  Truth be told, teachers are and should be appreciated all year long.  Think of all the many things you do in one day, or think of a […]

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