Tax Tips for Teachers

It’s officially tax season…cue the groans! Taxes are a task that few people look forward to.  However, as a teacher, several deductions can be utilized to maximize your tax breaks.  Check these out!  The Educator Expense Tax Deduction If you were employed as a teacher, instructor, counselor, principal, or teacher aide for students in kindergarten […]

Test Season: Stage 1 – Preparation

Schools across the United States are fast approaching a time-honored annual stage in the school year – Testing Season.  And although this is an experience common to schools regardless of their type (private, public, charter, etc.) or level (elementary, secondary, preparatory, etc.) how the testing season plays out varies dramatically.  Part of the reason for […]

Testing Pressure

It’s that time of year when educators spend hours preparing for the “test”. Dating back to the From the 1800s to today, with the Every Child Succeeds Act, there is a long history of standardized testing used in our school systems. These tests are developed to provide a snapshot into the learning and teaching that […]

Testing, Testing?

It’s springtime, which means the flowers are beginning to bloom, and teachers all over the country are preparing for “testing season.” Truth be told, teachers prepare for the testing season all year long. Springtime is the finale of tests, and it’s stressful for all parties involved.  Many have asked why there are standardized tests. Or […]

Academic Recovery and Student Success: The Tutoring Promise

The COVID-19 pandemic impacted nearly every aspect of education. Moreover, the disruption is magnified without a national system due to the variations across and within states. This constellation of learning realities produces variance in course sequencing, assessment models, and student expectations among neighboring districts. In turn, student achievement is also part of this spectrum.  Beyond reports that […]

Spring Break Ambitions

I was in a meeting last week that opened with this icebreaker prompt: What plans do you have for spring break? As I quickly arranged my wish list and turned to my “shoulder partner” to share, I thought, “when is spring break again?” The short answer, it is fast approaching…, and I better get started. […]

Gratitude for Education Partners

A significant part of my work involves supporting high school teachers and helping them do their things well. Typically, this support consists of using instructional practices, assessing students, classroom management strategies, and implementing digital and traditional content resources. Ultimately, my support is designed to impact the learning experiences of students in a positive way. To […]

Dear Stakeholders, Thank you.

Being thankful is a life skill that everyone should practice every day. We all have something to be grateful for. The Thanksgiving holiday is just around the corner, and a heightened sense of gratitude comes with this holiday. With everything there is to be thankful for, there’s no doubt that teachers are at the top […]

A Time to Give Thanks

As the leaves become a beautiful display of an autumn array of colors, my mind often turns to reflection and gratitude. As the leaves change colors, I can’t help feeling grateful for the many things in my life that have changed who I am. Specifically, technological advances have challenged me and caused me to grow […]

The Importance of Parent Resources

Educating a student typically includes three parties: The teacher, the student, and the parent or guardian. Education changes all of the time. Curriculum, resources, and, indeed, technology have changed over the years and continue to do so. Parent resources are essential because, for example, many parents were not taught the style of Math in the […]

Opportunities to Supplement Services with Federal Funding in the K12 Market

Using funding correctly and on a budget has always been difficult to master in the educational system. However, in the past few years, the K12 Industry has taken a severe hit due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This means that the education business has had to change its tactics regarding selling to school districts and administrators. […]

Explicit Instruction is Essential

Over the years, I have worked with hundreds of fragile learners, which has opened my eyes to the importance of pedagogy. Teaching is an art as well as a science. Explicit Instruction is proven to decrease learning gaps and reinforce the learning of others. Explicit Instruction is overtly teaching skills or concepts. It helps establish […]

Supporting Deeper Learning in Schools 

We are living in a busy time in education. Changes in instruction, assessment, and content resources are impacted by technological innovations, cultural and political forces, and economic impulses on local, national, and global levels. One area of focus that resonates across the aforementioned factors is the concept of deeper learning. Understanding this movement and how […]

How Education Companies and Their Products Can Help Teachers 

How can more teachers integrate educational technology into their classrooms in a productive way that builds on their skills and improves learning?  Embracing educational technology  Teachers and administrators can have misconceptions about what technology usage means for their classrooms because they may not completely understand its benefits. This confusion can lead to hesitancy to embrace […]

Engaging Students with Shorter Attention Spans

Over the years, I’ve noticed that my students’ attention spans have decreased. This is a trend that is unsettling for educators and educational stakeholders. I have not changed my expectations. However, I have noticed that students lack the stamina to read longer books, sustain attention for long periods to watch educational video clips, and become […]

American Rescue Plan (ARP) Funding Update

American Rescue Plan (ARP) in 2022  The ARP was renewed in 2022, and the stipulations were also adjusted. According to the White House, “In 2022, CDC will award $3 billion through a new, first of its kind American Rescue Plan-funded grant program to strengthen the future public health workforce, including offering community health workers and others hired […]

Facilitating Learning vs. Teaching   

Teaching is often described as a professional practice with dispositions and beliefs in both the humanist and the scientist.  Most notably, this binary was identified as part of the popular consciousness view of education by C.P. Snow in his work The Two Cultures. It is important to note that Snow’s premise sees this separation as a false […]

Balance In All Things

An Educator’s perspective on the balance in all things in the classroom. Change is inevitable. School curriculum has changed several times, standards have changed, and technology offers a wide variety of new ways to teach subjects that didn’t exist less than a decade ago. Talk to a veteran school teacher, and they will tell you […]

How will school districts respond to the funding cliff?

Funding Cliff

Learn more about how the upcoming funding cliff will impact school districts and how they will prepare for it. 2022 funding  For the fiscal year 2022, the Department of Education was granted about $76.4 billion. This was the most significant increase for federal education programs in just about ten years, compared to the beginning of 2021, […]

Teacher Modeling 

Educator teaching a lesson on a whiteboard.

While sitting in a driver’s education class is essential, no one knows how to drive a car until they experience physically driving a car.  The process of both teaching and learning takes time and practice, and it is best applied when there is someone there helping you along the way. This person is a “model” […]

Better Higher Education Data Is Here!

Higher Education Classroom

Easily Navigate Universities & Colleges Addresses & Course Offerings. We’ve recently upgraded our exclusive higher education data. This new release enhances our college & university addresses & course-level data options for clients by creating improved address hierarchies and adding course-level data with courses taught, their full descriptions, and complete contact information for critical faculty. Navigating complicated campuses […]

Omnichannel Marketing Outreach: eBook Included

Multiple Channels, Multiple Strategies Omnichannel marketing is practicing a seamless approach to all marketing activities. Whether it be on social, mobile, desktop, or brick-and-mortar, making the customer experience different for each customer or prospect with the same touchpoints is the goal of omnichannel marketing. So, we’ve been busy finding out the best ways to incorporate […]

Classroom Communities: Building a Successful Classroom

Educator in Classroom Planning

Teresa Marchant Structural Engineers are experts in the construction field. They ensure that buildings will stand the test of time. For example, construction workers install footings before pouring the foundation. Footings are what have to contact with the ground and ultimately support the building. Similarly, educators build classroom communities. From my experience, four main footings […]

How to Pitch to Schools in 2022

Library row with books.

Nothing will be the same for schools after the widespread changes that the COVID-19 pandemic has introduced to classrooms. However, it’s time to move forward, albeit in a different direction, with new information in hand. This goes from the methods that curriculum is taught and extends all the way to the vendors that school districts […]

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