Teachers as Frontline Workers (Part 1) with Dr. Sheryl Ziegler

Register Now to View Part 1 of the 3 Part Series Our expert will discuss Teachers as Frontline Workers Download our presentation slides Webinar Released On: Wednesday, 1.2.23 at 11:00 AM (Mountain Time) Webinar Hosts: Sheryl Ziegler (Therapist, Author, Media Contributor, Instructor, Public Speaker, and Podcast Leader)   In the first installment in a three-video […]

Better Higher Education Data Is Here!

Higher Education Classroom

Easily Navigate Universities & Colleges Addresses & Course Offerings. We’ve recently upgraded our exclusive higher education data. This new release enhances our college & university addresses & course-level data options for clients by creating improved address hierarchies and adding course-level data with courses taught, their full descriptions, and complete contact information for critical faculty. Navigating complicated campuses […]

2023 Educational Funding

Classroom budget planning with four leaders.

  2023 Educational Funding budget request:  In 2022, the budget request made investments in American education through the American Rescue Plan. This trend will continue into 2023, with more attention given to the apparent inequalities of students. The gap has only been widened because of the COVID-19 pandemic and the transitions that became necessary. In […]

The Problem of Education Funding Gaps in America

Education in America is notoriously variable, depending on factors like location, average population, income, and many other elements. Among the reasons for fluctuation in quality and access is the noticeable education funding gaps for school districts across the United States. Each state, county, and district has funding requirements and availability, leaving room for wide gaps […]

Social-Emotional Learning and Data that Matters

Professional looking at data.

COVID 19 has pushed into the spotlight one aspect of education focuses on student well-being. That this has always been an important, necessary topic to devote time and resources to goes without saying. But, COVID 19, as significant events tend to do, elevated what was on the margins of our attention and made Social Emotional […]

Positive Data Use Lead to Positive Outcomes!

Positive Data Use Lead to Positive Outcomes!

With positive positive data use leads to positive outcomes!  The COVID-19 pandemic abruptly and dramatically changed the landscape of K–12 education. In weeks, schools transitioned their students from their buildings into virtual and home-based learning environments. The pandemic has dramatically contributed to inequities in students’ current learning environments. However, much like learning gaps, this was already […]

ARP Educational Funding

Two educators planning on a whiteboard.

The American public education system is notoriously underfunded in most cases, and the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic has only exposed more gaps in the ARP Educational Funding. What the American Rescue Plan is The American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 is a government initiative that was developed to help the United States recover from […]

Higher Education Course-Level Data

Higher Education street sign with different majors.

Navigate top college & university addresses & course offerings.    Easily Navigate Universities & Colleges Addresses & Course Offerings Navigating complicated campuses are tricky. In addition, figuring out who teaches what is time-consuming. This research leaves little time to understand needs and share information to create strong relationships. The new college & university course-level data […]

The Importance of Omnichannel Presence in Modern Edtech Marketing 

Classroom planning with multiple devices.

Download our OmniChannel outreach eBook Today! By this point, the importance of Omnichannel Presence in modern edtech marketing has been well established and is no longer an emerging trend. Instead, it has become an absolute necessity to master. Increasing your omnichannel presence is a widely recognized strategy for engaging with prospects and current clients, gathering […]

Webinar: Data Enhancement and Learning Loss in the ESSA Era Part 2 

Data Enhancement and Learning Loss in the ESSA Era Part 2 

Provided by Agile Education Marketing Webinar Released On: Wednesday, 4.27.22 Webinar Hosts: Mike LeClare, Meredith Brown Biesinger, and Fekre Tefera Our expert panel will show how educators, vendors, and education leaders can follow data to find solutions Agile’s Compilation and Data Quality Manager, Mike LeClare, will expand on ESSA data and how states and schools […]

Using Data Wisely in the Education Market

Data on a computer screen.

Generally, school administrators look for the overall school performance, class information, and individual students’ scores to help determine the implementation of new programs, allocate resources, and staffing all by using data wisely. As learning standards are revised on a state and local level, it becomes necessary to review the current resources available. Classes or grade […]

Long term Damage of Learning Loss

Student completing an online course.

Major Long term Damage of Learning Loss The COVID-19 pandemic was severe disruption of everyday life, and the academic disruption that student’s across the country underwent is still being felt today. Adapting to “new normals” and adjusting to never-before-seen instructional methods left many students behind where they would be in an average year. According to […]

Verlan Stephens has Been Featured in Exeleon Magazine: Entrepreneur’s Four-Step Guide to Entering the Education Market

Agile’s Managing Partner Verlan Stephens is an established entrepreneur and an experienced business leader in the education space. He knows that more than ever, smart business leaders are entering or expanding in the education market – many of them in unexpected and profitable ways. Verlan was recently featured in Exeleon Magazine sharing an Entrepreneur’s Four-Step Guide to […]

School Climate

Books stacked up.

Improving the School Experience for All Students When the American learning environment looks different than any of us expected, what can educators and staff do to improve the school climate? What is the school climate? Like other kinds of environments, a school climate is all the elements that make up the learning environment. The concept […]

Mental Health Wins for Schools

Mental Health spelled with scrabble

Mental health and public schools At the end of February, President Biden spoke in his State of the Union Address about the value of mental health resources in schools. In addition, Biden announced that he would be implementing a strategy to aid the overall mental health crisis in America. This is a part of the Unity Agenda, […]

SEL Programs – PBIS, etc.

The value of SEL According to the Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning (CASEL), SEL is “the process through which children and adults acquire and effectively apply the knowledge, attitudes, and skills necessary to understand and manage emotions, set and achieve positive goals, feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain positive relationships, and make […]

Digital Literacy

Digital Literacy

Elementary School Resources such as read-aloud, videos, and online activities that encourage students to learn the importance of being a good digital citizen are essential. For example, I have used programs like Google’s internet safety curriculum, Interland. However, I have found it lacks the ethical use component. This required me to supplement with another program. […]

Problem Solving Technology for K-12 Schools

Problem Solving Technology

Education + Technology = The Future. We’ve seen this equation come to life and evolve over the last two years, as virtual learning has become necessary for teachers and students everywhere. Technology cannot only bring learning and text to life for students, but it also can solve some of K-12 education’s most plaguing problems. Overly […]

Real World Classroom Tech Issues

Real World Classroom Tech Issues

Title 1, Large district, Urban, 9-12 Happy 2022! Before our winter break, I received an email to upgrade an application on my school-issued laptop. This seemed suspicious since updates had happened automatically for the last five years when I connected to our network. Rereading the email, I visualized a decision map and contemplated my course […]

Classroom’s Latest Technology

Classroom's Latest Technology

  Technology is always changing and advancing with new information. When it comes to education tech, it is not far behind. With a hands-on approach, digital tactics are becoming more important in an increasingly online learning environment. Let’s explore some of the newest and latest technologies that teachers are integrating into their classrooms.    Blended […]

School Safety — New Approaches, Technologies, and Concerns

School Safety

      New concerns The meaning of safety changed for the world in general on the heels of the COVID-19 pandemic. Suddenly, it was imperative that social distancing and other preventative measures were being taken to prevent the spread of sickness. Safety has always been important to educators, but this was a new danger […]

How to Improve Communication with Educators

Communication with Educators

Here are some of our suggestions for improving communication with educators in your current roster: 1. Schedule regular check-ins The education sector — especially now — is constantly changing. Remote teaching sessions are becoming the new normal, and teachers are still trying to find ways to cope with this major transformation in their day-to-day. Opening […]

Updated Social Media Landscape: How to Connect with Education Leaders

Social Media

  According to the 2020 Educator Confidence Report created by the Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Learning Company in collaboration with YouGov, 73% of teachers feel that the experience with distance learning over the last two years has made it evident that technology in teaching and learning is here to stay. Educators understand the necessity of edtech today, and […]

How Important is Networking for Edtech Professionals?

Networking for Edtech Professionals

As an edtech professional, expanding your network is an effective way to gain leads and grow your outreach to teachers and other education decision-makers. Here are a few examples of ways to network in your industry:  Get on social media It’s also a networking platform, providing the opportunity to search for other edtech professionals. This […]

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