Higher Education Course-level Data

Higher Education Course-level Data

Navigate top college & university addresses & course offerings.

Denver, CO | August 28, 2020

Navigate with confidence.

Agile Education Marketing, dedicated data services, and direct marketing service serving the higher education market, recently launched upgraded and exclusive higher education data. This new release enhances our college & university addresses & course-level data options for clients by creating improved address hierarchies and adding course level data with courses taught, their full descriptions, and full contact information for key faculty. 

Easily Navigate Universities & Colleges Addresses & Course Offerings

Navigating complicated campuses are tricky. In addition, figuring out who teaches what is time-consuming.  All of this research leaves little time to understand needs and share information in order to create strong relationships.  The new college & university course-level data set & the updated address schema is now available.  This new data gives access to key information in an organized, standardized format. Now it’s possible to reach the intended party the first time, which saves time and resources.  Moreover, the precise delivery of support materials and information to accounts can increase the value of products and services.  Most importantly your sales team makes the most of faculty meetings, knowing ahead of a meeting all courses taught.

Integration Into Your CRM System & Data Workflow

Just like all marketing intelligence data from Agile, our clients can integrate the information into their existing marketing automation or CRM system, including SalesForce.  This gives our clients a reliable, consistent way to arm leadership with the most up-to-date, accurate information available.  Sales and marketing access this same intelligence in the systems that are already a part of your organization. 

Decade Long Partnership with the Education Market

Agile Education Marketing has over a decade of experience with businesses that serve schools.  Responding to the needs of this critical market segment has always been a top priority. With this new addition of enhanced address schema and course-level data for the higher education market, we continue our track record of innovation and partnership. 

About Agile Education Marketing 

Agile Education Marketing is the leading data intelligence provider focused exclusively on the education market. With us, our clients accelerate their reach into colleges, universities, K12 schools, and districts through innovative programs built on database intelligence, data services, targeted outreach, and multi-channel optimization. We offer high-quality data, flexibility, and cost-effective solutions so our clients’ businesses grow. We are a partner who delivers on your terms. 

Media Contact: Elizabeth Burkhardt, Director of Marketing, eburkhardt@agile-ed.com.