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Education market veteran brings expertise and know-how to businesses seeking new revenue streams in reliable segments.


Why invest in education? It’s reliable, valuable, and easy to identify.

Why invest in education? It’s reliable, valuable, and easy to identify.

August 27, 2020 | Ft. Meyers, FL  Selling to schools, and teachers, is an afterthought to many in business – organizing their departments as “government & education” or “special markets”.  Toni Elsberry, Strategic Account Director, Agile Education Marketing, is looking to change this.  Ms. Elsberry makes it her business to educate other businesses about this valuable segment and how to get in the door.

With over 4 million educators in U.S. schools, this is a sizable market, and when the 1.6 million Higher Education personnel is included, this segment makes up 3.4% of the total working-age population in the U.S. (2).   This group is also more educated than the average person and spends 25% more than the average American in key consumer categories (1) representing up to $15.8 billion in spending.

Why focus on teachers and schools?

“Teachers are dedicated professionals that influence the $7B+ spent in schools annually, but also are highly influential in their own communities. “ says Ms. Elsberry. “ What this means is brands from banks, attractions, theme parks, even museums are starting to engage with teachers to purchase their products knowing they are trusted to give referrals and advice beyond their own family and friends.”

Toni’s Education Market Whys

In her 6th year attending the Florida Attractions Association Conference, Ms. Elsberry finds that many brands have no focus let alone a strategy to address this market and take advantage of its power.  Her Education Market Whys are 1) Identify – teachers are a segment that can be easily identified and segmented 2) Consistent – roles in schools are similar across the country allowing for issue-specific handcrafted messages 3) Buying Power – spend more in key consumer categories, averaging 25% more than the general population 4) Influence – Over half of Teachers recommend and are consulted by administrators and parents for school purchasing, student support tools and beyond.

The advice of Ms. Elsberry is to get in on this vibrant, dynamic market – and she is here to help!  Connecting brands with the right teachers has been her business for over 20 years.  She’s a strategic fixture on many top EdTech, curriculum, and consumer brands stakeholder teams. Leveraging the best marketing intelligence data source in the industry to build strong campaigns and sales programs, she boasts that her clients’ investments pay for themselves in less than a year with Agile.

You can find Ms. Elsberry on the FAA tradeshow floor in Ft. Meyers this weekend, or you can contact her anytime on LinkedIn or send her an email.

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