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With three core curriculum science programs, a robust professional development portfolio and a thriving community of educators to engage with, the Accelerate Learning sales and marketing teams have their hands full. While more than 4 million students have benefited from STEMscopes™ since 2012, there are still many educators Accelerate Learning wants to reach in order to achieve their goal of being the most widely used digital STEM resource for PreK-12. That’s why Accelerate Learning relies on the data, and sales and marketing tools provided by Agile Education Marketing to identify their best prospects and effectively and efficiently communicate with them.

Whether it’s offering educators a trial of STEMscopes™, inviting them to a lunch and learn or sharing a case study, the Accelerate Learning marketing team carefully targets their outbound communications to educators by leveraging the rich demographic data available from Agile. They’re able to quickly generate and export targeted email lists using Agile’s online platform, Data Explorer, refining their list criteria by state, job title and even funding information. Vice President of Marketing Javier Encinas shared,

“We see above average benchmark open and click rates for the email campaigns that are powered by Agile data.”


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