Data Enhancement and Learning Loss in the ESSA Era Part 2

{WEBINAR} Data Enhancement and Learning Loss in the ESSA Era Part 2 


Watch our webinar to learn how COVID-19 has impacted 27 million U.S. students, using the latest Every Student Succeeds Act data.  We’ll explore the role of educators and outside support systems, such as tutoring centers, and how they can help students succeed. We’ll also share state-specific test results while highlighting where learning loss and learning gains were experienced.

ThinkPerspective: {WEBINAR} Data Enhancement and Learning Loss in the ESSA Era Part 2 
ThinkPerspective: {WEBINAR} Data Enhancement and Learning Loss in the ESSA Era Part 2 

Provided by Agile Education Marketing

Webinar Released On: Wednesday, 4.27.22

Webinar Hosts: Mike LeClare, Meredith Brown Biesinger, and Fekre Tefera

Our expert panel will show how educators, vendors, and education leaders can follow data to find solutions

Agile’s Compilation and Data Quality Manager, Mike LeClare, will expand on ESSA data and how states and schools can utilize this data to address measurable subject proficiency and learning loss. Offering an educator’s perspective, Meredith Brown Biesinger, a professional writer with much of her experience in professional development and teacher training will discuss what she has witnessed in the classroom and what her district is doing to help. Fekre Tefera, Director of Analytics for Paper EDU will share insights on how tutoring centers can provide 1:1 and small group support to accelerate academic achievement for growth and proficiency.


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Mike, Meredith, and Fekre covered topics such as:

  • The latest learning loss and subject proficiency data.
  • National level proficiency data broken down by state, Title 1 status, and rural locations.
  • How Agile’s unique data sets can help enhance learning recovery.
  • Schools that are in the greatest need and how are students being emotionally supported.
  • How educators and outside support systems are meeting the challenges that U.S. students have faced and continue to face.


Mike LeClare
Mike LeClare


Mike is the Compilation and Data Quality Manager for Agile Education Marketing, skilled in operations and data analysis – creating a harmonious and efficient work environment while compiling complex information. Mike excels in conducting quality control to ensure comprehensive, accurate, and accessible data. He has extensive knowledge of education information & data initiatives to lead special compilation efforts that require working closely with various state departments and districts to create information sets that are unique to education.



Meredith Biesinger
Meredith Biesinger

Meredith Biesinger is an experienced classroom teacher and school administrator. With a B.S. degree in English Education and a Masters of Education in K-12 Policy and Leadership, much of her experience entails professional development and teacher training. She is also a certified dyslexia therapist passionate about literacy in rural communities. Meredith is also a professional writer and recently spearheaded The Young Mississippi Writers project.




Fekremariam “Fekre” Tefera
Fekremariam “Fekre” Tefera


Fekremariam “Fekre” Tefera is the current Director of Analytics for Paper EDU. He is a commercially focused, data fluent professional with experience implementing data and business strategy in fast-paced environments through consensus building and product management. Fekre excels in solving ambiguous problems at the intersection of Tech and Commerce with years of experience in Operations and Analytics.

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