Webinar: From Prospects to Customers

Businesses across the education industry have embraced marketing automation as a way to streamline and improve communication with prospects and customers alike. But are you using your marketing automation software at every touchpoint of the customer life cycle to improve efficiencies and drive revenue?

Watch this webinar, originally broadcast on December 8, 2016, to learn practical tips for leveraging marketing automation to create value across your entire enterprise, using personalized, targeted communications from initial prospecting to closing the sale and securing a renewal.

Experienced education market executive Allison Duquette discusses how you can use your marketing automation platform to:

  • Create a relevant, personalized pre-sale experience
  • Facilitate the movement of opportunities through the sales process
  • Streamline the post-sale on-boarding process
  • Simplify routine customer communications
  • Deliver an ROI across your entire enterprise
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