Connecting with Educators through Social + Digital Marketing

  Connecting with Educators through Social + Digital Marketing    What: NEW AGILE EDUCATOR PERSPECTIVES VIDEO  Released On: February 1, 2023 Expert Guest: Kassidy Krown Register To View the Video Now Download our presentation slides In the first installment of this video series, Kassidy will discuss:      Why organizations need to incorporate Social and Digital Marketing into their business […]

Teachers as Frontline Workers (Part 1) with Dr. Sheryl Ziegler

Register Now to View Part 1 of the 3 Part Series Our expert will discuss Teachers as Frontline Workers Download our presentation slides Webinar Released On: Wednesday, 1.2.23 at 11:00 AM (Mountain Time) Webinar Hosts: Sheryl Ziegler (Therapist, Author, Media Contributor, Instructor, Public Speaker, and Podcast Leader)   In the first installment in a three-video […]

Positive Data Use Lead to Positive Outcomes!

Positive Data Use Lead to Positive Outcomes!

With positive positive data use leads to positive outcomes!  The COVID-19 pandemic abruptly and dramatically changed the landscape of K–12 education. In weeks, schools transitioned their students from their buildings into virtual and home-based learning environments. The pandemic has dramatically contributed to inequities in students’ current learning environments. However, much like learning gaps, this was already […]

Webinar: Data Enhancement and Learning Loss in the ESSA Era Part 2 

Data Enhancement and Learning Loss in the ESSA Era Part 2 

Provided by Agile Education Marketing Webinar Released On: Wednesday, 4.27.22 Webinar Hosts: Mike LeClare, Meredith Brown Biesinger, and Fekre Tefera Our expert panel will show how educators, vendors, and education leaders can follow data to find solutions Agile’s Compilation and Data Quality Manager, Mike LeClare, will expand on ESSA data and how states and schools […]

Q/A with Mike LeClare: Agile Data Enhancement with Learning Recovery

Q/A  with Mike LeClare: Data Enhancement and Learning Recovery in the ESSA Era Recorded Live on October 27, 2021 Watch the Live Q/A Watch Full Presentation Now Download Slides Mike covered questions like:​ What do you expect coverage, for proficiency/trending data, to be for this year?​ One more time, can you remind me (so many […]

Webinar: Data Deep Dive with Mike LeClare: Data Enhancement

Data Deep Dive with Mike LeClare: Data Enhancement and Learning Loss in the ESSA Era Recorded Live on October 27, 2021 Having good education data to power your sales and marketing initiatives takes a lot of work — we know that firsthand. Join our webinar, on October 27, 2021 with Mike LeClare, to learn how […]

Webinar: Deep Dive into Agile with Verlan Stephens

Verlan Stephens leads a deep dive into Agile and what qualities help Agile better serve the market to get them in touch with the right expert. Verlan is a results-oriented executive with more than 35 years of experience in creating, developing, and managing customer solutions throughout the entire product lifecycle. Verlan’s job is to understand […]

Webinar: Website Design

Are you getting the most out of your website? Is it bringing in the leads, hits, and traffic to get your brand noticed in this world? Join ISTE Award-Winning Educator Jeff Bradbury, founder of the TeacherCast Educational Network for an engaging conversation about the most important piece of digital property you own … your website. […]

Webinar: What School Could Be. Should Be.

What School Could Be. What Schol Should Be. In a flash – school changed.  But so did the workplace.  So, what could school look like in order to prepare our students for this new world they will enter?  What should school look like to serve students better?  Join education thought leader, Michael Niehoff for a look at the latest in […]

Tips to Engage Educators Through Email

Educators inboxes are busier than ever. Listen to Agile’s Senior Account Manager, Alexa Chitwood as she discusses all things email. They will be covering creative and design strategies that are working in education marketing as well as important reminders around best practices. From development to analysis, learn how to make your future campaigns a success. […]

Webinar: Email Marketing Strategies, Drip Campaigns, Lead Gen’s, Opt-in Forms

Join Jeff Bradbury for a deep dive into Email Marketing Strategies, Drip Campaigns, Lead Gen’s, and Opt-in Forms using email after the initial contact.   Jeff will cover developing your messaging and questions like: -What to do after lead capture -Why easy opt-outs are critical -Segmentation -Creating your story   Keep the conversation going. Don’t lose […]

Webinar: The American Rescue Plan | What you need to know to support schools opening!

The American Rescue Plan slates $122B for schools to address the disruptions to teaching and learning resulting from the pandemic—especially for students hardest hit by the pandemic—and get students back in the classroom quickly and safely.  Organizations serving educators, schools, districts, and students, need to understand the guidelines for distribution and spending in order to […]

Technology is the tool. Teacher & Pedagogy are the transformers.

  Watch: Webinar – Technology is the tool.  Teacher & Pedagogy are the transformers. Presenter: Michael Niehoff – Michael is an educator, leader, learning facilitator & blogger. He is continuously and tirelessly working to effectively implement relevant and authentic learning opportunities and experiences for all students. To succeed in the new landscape of education, companies will need to […]

Simple Strategies to Build Your EDU Brand in 2021

Presenter: Jeffrey Bradbury – Jeff Bradbury is a globally-recognized educator, educational broadcaster, public speaker, and entrepreneur whose powerful message has inspired thousands of educators through the TeacherCast Educational Network. If you fit into any of the descriptions below, you’ll want to watch this webinar: – You are looking to expand your horizons for the new […]

Webinar: The good, bad and ugly – an educator perspective.

​ Welcome back webinar favorite Michael Niehoff. When Michael joined us for our past webinar where he explained and went into great detail about what the start of the school year would hold for schools, educators, and students. Now, it’s time he comes back and explains what the education landscape looks like now. A landscape […]

Webinar: Higher Education Influencer Marketing

As marketers and sales professionals, you have a new challenge of connecting about your solutions with college and university faculty and staff who aren’t even on campus. As HE institutions look for partners to solve their challenges, you might consider influencer marketing to connect in a meaningful way with the right people at the right […]

Webinar: Influencer Marketing in Education

Listen to our August webinar to hear from Education Market Expert, Brian Healy and Lori Vollandt about using influencer marketing in your strategy and how to get started.

Webinar – Results – Teacher Spending Survey

Join Jay Sivin-Kachala, Ed. D. of Interactive Educational Systems Design, Inc. for an in-depth readout of this year’s Teacher Spending Survey. This year included a series of questions about the impact of school closures in addition to our purchasing behavior and discount topics.

Webinar – Care about the CARES Act? Us too.

Funding is here. School is virtual. Now what? We all know it takes funding, resources and knowledge to understand how to work within the education landscape. Now, with the new CARES Act that was enacted, understanding where to spend your time, money and resources can be more complicated than ever, but it doesn’t have to […]

Webinar – Unlock Influential Educators

Big budgets, fancy trade show booths and expensive give-aways might get some attention – but when it comes to educators spending time with vendors, they want products and services that will really make a difference. So, rather than talking to everyone – start talking to the right stakeholders, influencers and decision makers in schools that fit your ideal customer profile.  Learn […]

Data Driven Engagement

What do a principal, lead teacher, and guidance counselor have in common?  A vested interest in the purchasing decisions that happen in their schools.  What’s different?  How they make decisions about what is the best fit for the school, the students, and themselves. Listen to Agile Education Marketing Managing Partner, Robert O’Dell, where he’ll discuss high […]

Social Media as a Marketplace – Webinar

  Join Teresa Lawlor, Sr. Director, Revenue Marketing at Cloud Elements for a detailed discussion about social media as a marketplace. It’s not just about getting business, it’s about keeping and growing existing business. As email becomes a different communication channel, social lets you communicate with people when they are ready for the message. You […]

Make Your Data Work For You

Make your Data work for you. Big Data is the name of the marketing game. Join our founder and managing partner, Verlan Stephens, for a deep dive in to data.  Your data, available data, and interpreting data to inform your strategies, decisions, priorities, and communications.  He will take you on a journey of capturing information, […]

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