Educational Standards Today Bringing Early Childhood, CCSS and CTE into Focus

Does a product align to standards? How will this product or program help students gain the skills needed to meet standards? These are just some of the questions educators ask when evaluating new products. As the standards landscape shifts, it’s more important than ever that educational publishers stay current national and state standards—and that can be a challenge!

This webinar which was originally broadcast on April 13, 2016 provides valuable information on educational standard sets that many publishers are seeking to align their educational content to. Gina Faulk and Larry Johnson from EdGate Correlation Services:

  • Provide a brief history of educational standards
  • Share what’s known and not known about the impact of ESSA on standards
  • Give an update on how individual states handle Common Core and other national sets of standards
  • Give a debrief on Career Technical Education (CTE) Standards: the set of standards that all educational publishers are asking about

This webinar provides you with strategic insight for your sales, marketing, and product development plans.

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