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Webinar: What School Could Be. Should Be.

What School Could Be. What Schol Should Be. In a flash – school changed.  But so did the workplace.  So, what could school look like in order to prepare our students for this new world they will enter?  What should school look like to serve students better?  Join education thought leader, Michael Niehoff for a look at the latest in […]

Technology is the tool. Teacher & Pedagogy are the transformers.

  Watch: Webinar – Technology is the tool.  Teacher & Pedagogy are the transformers. Presenter: Michael Niehoff – Michael is an educator, leader, learning facilitator & blogger. He is continuously and tirelessly working to effectively implement relevant and authentic learning opportunities and experiences for all students. To succeed in the new landscape of education, companies will need to […]

Simple Strategies to Build Your EDU Brand in 2021

Presenter: Jeffrey Bradbury – Jeff Bradbury is a globally-recognized educator, educational broadcaster, public speaker, and entrepreneur whose powerful message has inspired thousands of educators through the TeacherCast Educational Network. If you fit into any of the descriptions below, you’ll want to watch this webinar: – You are looking to expand your horizons for the new […]

Webinar: The good, bad and ugly – an educator perspective.

​ Welcome back webinar favorite Michael Niehoff. When Michael joined us for our past webinar where he explained and went into great detail about what the start of the school year would hold for schools, educators, and students. Now, it’s time he comes back and explains what the education landscape looks like now. A landscape […]

Webinar: Higher Education Influencer Marketing

As marketers and sales professionals, you have a new challenge of connecting about your solutions with college and university faculty and staff who aren’t even on campus. As HE institutions look for partners to solve their challenges, you might consider influencer marketing to connect in a meaningful way with the right people at the right […]

Webinar: Influencer Marketing in Education

Listen to our August webinar to hear from Education Market Expert, Brian Healy and Lori Vollandt about using influencer marketing in your strategy and how to get started.

Webinar – Unlock Influential Educators

Big budgets, fancy trade show booths and expensive give-aways might get some attention – but when it comes to educators spending time with vendors, they want products and services that will really make a difference. So, rather than talking to everyone – start talking to the right stakeholders, influencers and decision makers in schools that fit your ideal customer profile.  Learn […]

The Real Story Behind Back To School

Back To School: As told by classroom teachers. Teachers have a meaningful impact on students and families – and engaging with this group of professionals is just good business. So, what does back to school really mean? And, what do teachers really need to make this time of year successful? Listen to our latest annual […]

Don’t Cool Off For Summer

Listen to VP of Sales, Derek Dallmann and Managing Partner/CIO, Verlan Stephens as they cover key marketing elements and strategies to make the summer months heat up your 2019 strategy and get you ready for back-to-school. We’ll cover: – Website updates to make sure you’re back-to-school ready – Building a social strategy to reach educators […]

The Business of Selling to Schools

Are you in the process of creating a business plan or crafting a marketing strategy for K-12 education? Then watch this one-hour webinar to gain valuable insights into the world of educators that will help you connect with, engage and sell to this powerful group of consumers.

What Policy and Funding Changes Are Brewing in DC?

With ESSA in full swing, a revised 2019 proposed federal education budget on the table, and a year with the current administration on the books, it’s time to take a look at what’s going on in Washington and possible impacts on K-12 education.

Get Your PD Moving Improve Teacher Outcomes with Animated Videos

As product developers, how do you ensure your products are driving instructional change? Research shows that in order for instructional practices to truly change, and therefore positively impact student achievement, professional development needs to occur over time. Traditional, workshop-based PD isn’t effective, but learning via video is.

It’s All About the Money ESSA Rules and Funding

The 2016-17 school year is the big transition year for the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). Applications for Title I and other formula grants began in July and other federal grant programs go into effect in October. What’s changed and what do you need to know about how schools will fund purchases under ESSA?

Power Buyers Parents’ Impact on School Purchasing

Increasingly, parents play a critical role in the purchasing process of schools. This webinar originally broadcast on June 29, 2016 shares the results of a recent survey of parents, teachers and school administrators about the influence parents have on the products and services that schools and district purchase. During the hour-long webinar you’ll learn: The […]

ESSA Update: Staying Relevant and Competitive in a Changing Market

Earlier this year, Agile partnered with Acumen Partners to share insights about the new ESSA legislation and its expected impact on the US K-12 Education market. As Spring 2016 is winding down, it’s time to turn our attention to the challenges we’re faced with for back-to-school 2016 and beyond.

Educational Standards Today Bringing Early Childhood, CCSS and CTE into Focus

Does a product align to standards? How will this product or program help students gain the skills needed to meet standards? These are just some of the questions educators ask when evaluating new products. As the standards landscape shifts, it’s more important than ever that educational publishers stay current national and state standards—and that can be a challenge!

Tech in Today’s Schools What EdTech Vendors Need to Know

A 2015 survey of district IT leaders by the Consortium for School Networking found that over half believe that their districts’ instructional materials would transition to digital to a “substantial” extent over the next three years*. How can curriculum, software and hardware developers help districts with the digital transition and what do districts expect from their vendors?

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