School districts

How to Sell to School Districts

Businesses that focus on products and services for the education industry already understand the importance of selling to schools. Having a highly defined target market helps your company in the early stages of building its outreach and sales strategies. Understanding how to sell to school districts, and similar groups, like the ….

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Hats Off To Our Counselors!

By: Teresa Marchant The role of a school guidance counselor has changed over the years. With the increased need to make data based decisions, they are taking on more and more responsibilities. Counselors not only help students with their social-emotional needs, but with graduation requirements and college applications. With so ….

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From the Principal’s Office: The Power of Data Driven Engagement

By. Meredith Biesinger Data is used daily in many professions to determine engagement and more, and this is certainly true in education. After speaking with several elementary school administrators, and having been an administrator, it is a fact that data drives much of a school’s short term and long term ….

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California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) – Everything you need to know

CCPA is here and we’ve got your back. Privacy and data regulations are on everyone’s mind in the new year, as they should be, especially with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) coming into play. At Agile Education Marketing, we will continue to comply with all state and federal laws ….

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Curriculum Leadership and the Impact of Data

Contact Agile today to connect with these educators! Curriculum is commonly understood as the intersection of content, instructional practices, assessment, and (most recently) the environment in which teaching and learning happens. It is more than, but includes, the listed standards and student outcomes identified in programs of study.  What’s more, ….

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