summer flops

Summer Planning: How to Connect with Educational Leaders

By Craig Perrier Staying connected, as well as making new connections, are opportunities to share, learn, and grow with educational leaders. But, the 2020 end of the school year and summer break for educators is a bit different from what we are used to.  Schools, for example, might be closing ….

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the future of education

Steps to convert the most freemium leads

Convert your freemium leads now. Freemium to Premium You’ve supported the shift to digital for countless teachers and students. You’ve started numerous schools and students on your product. You’ve fostered relationships by providing resources & built confidence with your solid curriculum.  Now you want to keep things going by rolling ….

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email list building

Why Building a School Email Address List is So Important

Maintaining an accurate, current list of email addresses on a school-by-school basis is an important consideration for many education marketers. Having this data on hand allows for effective marketing solutions that takes into account the relevance of a product or service, the ability of prospects to make a purchase and other similarly ….

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CRM data clean up

The Importance of Data Hygiene and CRM Data Cleanup

The effectiveness of sales and marketing strategy is deeply connected to data hygiene quality. While important in all industries when starting a conversation with prospective and current customers is an early step in the marketing process, the need for high data quality is absolutely critical in the world of education ….

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summer marketing

Starting a Conversation – School Summer Marketing

Continue to market through the summer Make your marketing and sales outreach efforts even more effective, fine tune your targeting and segmentation, and leverage the work you’ve been doing to support teachers and students.  Don’t lose momentum now – schools have funds and are spending to create the new normal ….

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