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Data Deep Dive with Mike LeClare: Data Enhancement and Learning Loss in the ESSA Era

Recorded Live on October 27, 2021

Having good education data to power your sales and marketing initiatives takes a lot of work — we know that firsthand. Join our webinar, on October 27, 2021 with Mike LeClare, to learn how Agile Education Marketing has built the best database in the market, what’s unique about it, and innovative ways you can use the information we gather to fuel lead gen and close more sales.

Mike is the Compilation and Data Quality Manager for Agile Education Marketing, skilled in operations and data analysis – creating a harmonious and efficient work environment while compiling complex information. Mike excels in conducting quality control to ensure comprehensive, accurate, and accessible data. He has extensive knowledge of education information & data initiatives to lead special compilation efforts that require working closely with various state departments and districts to create information sets that are unique in the Education Universes.

In this webinar, we will show you, via ESSA data collected over the years, which districts and schools’ COVID funding can be used to address measurable learning loss. Additionally, Mike takes you for a deep dive into enhancing ESSA data, COVID Funding, Relief for Learning Loss, and how schools and districts’ COVID funding can be used to address measurable subject proficiency and learning loss.   

Mike will cover topics such as:

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