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Slide Into Learning This Summer

Slide Into Learning This Summer Summer is finally here! The school year is over, the days are warmer and longer, and the frantic morning rush is paused until August. Amongst all the fun summer plans, from vacations to lounge time at home, there is often a nagging thought in the back of many educators ’and […]

Summer Learning For Students

Summer Learning For Students Today is the last day of school for my students. As a well-intentioned teacher, I gave my students “homework” to complete over the break. Sadly, the majority of my students won’t even crack a book. The reality is that many students will sleep more, play video games, and may rarely leave […]

Summer Learning is Life-Long Learning

Summer Learning is Life-Long Learning Summer is the perfect season to practice one of the most used aspirations in education; life-long learning. However, after a full school year, the temptation to take a learning respite is a real and deserved part of the student and educator’s life. Still, the importance of continuous learning during the […]

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