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What is Microlearning?

What is Microlearning? Microlearning is one of the latest buzzwords in education. When implemented correctly it can be used to help students become more engaged in their learning. By understanding the basics microlearning is and how to incorporate it into a classroom, you can better help those clients who are still on the fence regarding […]

Micro-Learning Through Digital Platforms

Micro-Learning Through Digital Platforms Education’s timeline was shifted by the COVID -19 pandemic.  Seen as a turning point, practices, policies, and research that existed pre-pandemic have come under scrutiny.  Still, tension between crisis management and reform exists. In short, the goals of leaders during a crisis scenario tends to emphasize the need to minimize damage […]

Let’s Get Digital! Why Micro-learning Works. Let’s Get Digital! 

Let’s Get Digital! Why Micro-learning Works. Let’s Get Digital!  By now, most of us are familiar with Micro-learning. Micro-learning is an educational strategy that refines complex concepts into compact, digestible knowledge. As the term suggests, it presents information in concise, short bursts, each focusing on a specific learning objective. Micro-learning is done in business training in professional […]

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