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The Shift Towards Non-Traditional Education Models

The Shift Towards Non-Traditional Education Models ascascascas If I was writing this article in the 20th century, “non-traditional” schooling would reference alternatives to public schools like Montessori education, charter schools, or Expeditionary Learning programs.  All three represent both the historical trend to offer variety in the way schooling happen and, through their growth, the normalizing […]

AI in the Classroom

AI in the Classroom I was recently asked by a member of my Professional Learning Network (PLN) how my district is addressing artificial intelligence (AI) in our school.  Her school system is starting down the road of exploration of AI; specifically, the implications and applications of this game changing technology.  As we have started down […]

Emerging Trends in Education for 2024

Emerging Trends in Education for 2024 I always loved the uniqueness of the school calendar juxtaposed to our commonly used Gregorian version.  Indeed, both celebrate the start of 2024, but they engage the new year with a distinctly different tenor.  In general, as the population enters January 1st with promises and a renewed energy for […]

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