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Kick Off 2024 With a Bang

Time to Elevate
Your Brand

Start 2024 with a bang with Agile’s New Year, New Connections Giveaway Campaign limited-time offer. Register to participate today!

Timing Is Everything

The start of a new year is an ideal time for your brand to connect with a larger educator audience.

  • With educators coming off the holiday break, social platform engagement tends to spike.
  • Advertising volume decreases early in the year, reducing ad costs and increasing placement availability.

Agile’s New Year, New Connections giveaway campaign helps you capitalize on this opportune window to supercharge engagement.

Secure your spot by February 9th to expand your audience reach this year!

How It Works

This strategically timed outreach gets your brand message in front of a large and valuable educator audience when they’re most reachable—setting you up for significantly increased conversions early in sales calendar. 


  • Two-week giveaway campaign with a focus on New Year, New Connections


  • Utilizing Agile database titles (minimum audience size of 50,000)


  • Minimum 100,000 impressions received for the campaign


  • Your Investment: $5,000 limited-time discount offer


  • Platforms: Facebook/Instagram (Meta), with an option to add LinkedIn for an additional fee


  • Register by February 9, 2024


  • Campaign Assets Delivered: No later than 2 weeks prior to campaign launch


  • Ad Proofs to Client: No later than 1 week prior to campaign launch


  • Giveaway Timeframe: Campaign dates at Client's discretion; must run within Q1 2024




  • Access to Agile for Ads and Business accounts


  • Campaign assets: Logo, Brand Guidelines, Style Guide


  • Audience selection (Agile assisted, if needed)


  • Campaign landing page creation




  • Ad creative and messaging


  • Campaign setup and management


  • Reporting Dashboard


  • Campaign Conclusion Report (PDF) + Evaluation Meeting


Strategic campaign
timing meets
impactful outreach.

Connect with a larger educator audience through the New Year, New Connections giveaway campaign.

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