Learning.com Leverages Agile Data and Tools



Putting Agile Data to the Test

The relationship between Learning.com and Agile began in 2016, starting
with a practice familiar to all marketers: An A/B test. Curious to compare
Agile’s data performance to its competitors, Learning.com ran a side-by-side
test. Lisa Datka, Vice President of Marketing for Learning.com, shared the
results: “The response was better from Agile’s data. Plus, the service and
support we received from Agile when deploying our campaigns was

Today, the company leverages Agile data exclusively for its lead generation
and sales prospecting. The marketing team relies on it to power email
campaigns, including nurture tracks, through the company’s HubSpot
account. Sales representatives and account executives use the data to
research prospect information and develop targeted marketing campaigns
throughout their territories.




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