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Preparing Students for their Educational Future: Not Falling Between the Cracks

There has been heightened awareness about learning inequalities. This has led to many predictions about our students’ deficits this year. Some are calling it the “covid slide.” However, there have always been gaps in student learning for various reasons. These have been created by high absenteeism, little or no background knowledge, home environment or support, and being a slow or reluctant learner. With all eyes on education this year, districts are trying to fill those gaps with the help of various stakeholders.

For some districts, the additional funding they have received from the federal government will put them in a better position to purchase much-needed resources. If used correctly and with fidelity, these resources can help students succeed, which will help them in their future education. At the same time, other districts are putting funds into staffing to provide summer learning opportunities in hopes of closing the learning caverns. Both resources and staff will provide the much-needed gap fillers.

Untitled-Project-22Types of resources needed:

Digital and traditional resources- Many vendors provide both! For example, our district purchased a new reading series to help students by giving various background knowledge. It also comes with a digital component to encourage reading online.

Motivational Resources-

These resources are of high interest to reluctant learners. Especially for reading and math, these types of resources make learning fun! They allow students to see the growth they have made and look forward to achieving their goals.

Home and School Connection-

With possible language barriers, having resources that allow educators to meet the diverse needs of your school population is in high demand.

Professional Development-

Educators are constantly looking for learning new ways to improve their teaching. Therefore, stakeholders that provide learning opportunities to use various resources are greatly appreciated.


As educators, we are trying to install a love of learning. We hope our students will become lifelong learners regardless of any learning gaps. Training and resources can help our students reach their learning potential and continue to be successful in their educational pursuits. Trying to fill learning gaps is just one way we are meeting the diverse needs of our students.

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