Webinar – Results – Teacher Spending Survey

Join Jay Sivin-Kachala, Ed. D. of Interactive Educational Systems Design, Inc. for an in-depth readout of this year’s Teacher Spending Survey. This year included a series of questions about the impact of school closures in addition to our purchasing behavior and discount topics.

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Reopen School

Webinar – Care about the CARES Act? Us too.

Funding is here. School is virtual. Now what? We all know it takes funding, resources and knowledge to understand how to work within the education landscape. Now, with the new CARES Act that was enacted, understanding where to spend your time, money and resources can be more complicated than ever, ….

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Webinar – Unlock Influential Educators

Big budgets, fancy trade show booths and expensive give-aways might get some attention – but when it comes to educators spending time with vendors, they want products and services that will really make a difference. So, rather than talking to everyone – start talking to the right stakeholders, influencers and decision makers in schools that ….

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Data Driven Engagement

What do a principal, lead teacher, and guidance counselor have in common?  A vested interest in the purchasing decisions that happen in their schools.  What’s different?  How they make decisions about what is the best fit for the school, the students, and themselves. Listen to Agile Education Marketing Managing Partner, Robert ….

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