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Why Is School Climate So Important

The climate of safe schools and learning institutions is valuable and helps create a better environment for student success. Learn more about why this is true and what you can do to elevate your school’s climate.

Agile enhances outreach efforts

The first webinar our client held after switching to Agile had a huge turnout, something they credit to Agile’s careful, consistent and constant approach to updating educator and administrator contact data. With nothing more than a new source of contact details for education professionals, our client brought its offering to a much larger group of […]

Accelerate Learning’s Growth is Fueled by Agile Data, Support & Resources

“Agile’s data integrity is superior and they help us use it in innovative ways. Agile is just more flexible and cost-effective than the larger, older data providers.” With three core curriculum science programs, a robust professional development portfolio and a thriving community of educators to engage with, the Accelerate Learning sales and marketing teams ….

Certiport Employs Smart Audience Selection

You develop high-quality content educators want. Check. You deliver that content via multiple marketing channels you know educators value for product research. Check. You review and analyze the results of every campaign to inform and improve future deployments. Check. You may follow all of these marketing best practices, but none of them matter if your […]

Classcraft targeted and succeeded

To efficiently use their marketing resources and share their successful offerings with the most receptive audience possible, Classcraft needed to find a dependable partner that could provide high-quality contact data for the specific type of prospects that matter to them. That’s where Agile came into the fold. Agile’s EdIntel tool was another game-changer for Classcraft. […]

AASL surpassed the attendance goal by 20% with social media

Finding support for a major social media marketing campaign Having worked with Agile previously on direct mail campaigns and seeing success, AASL made an easy decision to take advantage of Agile’s new social media marketing service, AgileSocial. Their goal was to promote their upcoming National Conference and Exhibition. AASL wanted to effectively promote this campaign […]

Istation improves data, enhances strategy

Expanding nationally, and needing effective data to fuel growth Download Case Study With a plan to move beyond its traditional market in Texas, Istation needed to optimize its marketing and sales strategy to segment a much larger market, allowing its representatives to cover more ground efficiently. This growth coincided with the efforts of Kevin Sharpe, […]

GCEFCU Uses Agile Data to Drive Membership and Business Growth

The Gulf Coast Educators Federal Credit Union (GCEFCU) provides financial services specifically to school employees and their families in the greater Houston area. Since it was founded in 1948, the credit union has seen significant growth. Every year brings expanded service areas, new branch openings and more potential educator members. “We have a large service […]

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